Technology Drives Opportunity

Unless you spend most of your free time hanging around wellsites like we do, chances are you may not be all that familiar with a decades-old well completion technique known as “hydraulic fracturing.” But thanks to the combination of fracturing technology and historic advances in lateral well drilling, energy resources that were previously considered too deep, diffuse and expensive to access are now well within our reach – allowing us to generate thousands of jobs at a time when they’re needed most, and billions in annual revenue for the state and its citizens.

For more than 60 years, America’s energy producers have relied on fracturing technology to enhance the production of oil and natural gas. While the first commercial fracturing operation was conducted in Kansas in 1947, the technique quickly became the most commonly used method of stimulating the flow of energy wells. By 1988, the technology had already been deployed nearly one million times. Today, nearly 90 percent of all oil and natural gas wells developed onshore in the United States are completed via the fracturing process.

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