New FOIA’d Emails Tell a Very Different Story About How NY AG’s RICO Campaign Started Off

A new batch of emails, released late Friday afternoon, pulls back the curtain further on the level of collusion and coordination between anti-fossil fuel activists, their funders, and the attorneys general that have launched climate investigations into people, companies, and think tanks with which they disagree on the issue.

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  1. Mmm says:

    “#2. Activists were told by numerous experts that RICO wasn’t going to work ”

    ExxonMobil was told by numerous experts that manmade CO2 emission has a impact on the climate, and they didn’t care. Kind of the same…

  2. Stephen Heins says:


    Thanks for this detailed research of an under-reported part of the energy and climate activism story. In truth, neither side–alarmist and lukewarmer–has moral superiority or any crystal balls that seeinto the future with any kind of certainty.

    In fact, the private sector has made all of the important innovations and commercializations of new technologies of the last 20 years. There is something essentially wrong about federal agencies and public sector people trying to regulate private industries that are 5 years ahead (in terms of advancements and technologies) of them in those industries.

  3. Ipso Phakto says:

    These soft-core fascists are turning hard-core. These are horrible people – seeking to muzzle and punish dissenting opinions in a very hostile way. How can I can I get involved to fight this idiocy? I seriously want to help.

  4. Chad Wozniak says:

    These people and their corrupt pals have clearly already crossed the line into committing felonies under Title 18, Sections 241 and 242 of the U.S. Code, aka the Ku Klux Klan act, which prohibits individuals and government officials from intimidating or threatening anyone for exercising their constitutional rights and conspiracy to do that.

    The targets of their conspiracy should lose no time launching criminal complaints against all 20 of the signers of the letter to Obama and Lynch, and against Senator Whitehouse. If Lynch agrees to pursue the RICO case she also should be charged, and she may already have incriminated herself by asking the FBI to consider the possibility of pursuing it.

    These criminal charges could be brought at the state level by an energy state like Texas or Wyoming.

  5. Ed Zuiderwijk says:

    A “truth” campaign, the say.

    “Conspiracy to deceive” is what I call it.

  6. Michael Davison says:

    It is increasingly and undisputably clear that man made CO2 has nothing much to do with global warming or climatic events. The whole deal is sham for political and financial benefit of its advocates. They are the ones who should be prosecuted. They are the ones benefiting from fraudulent manipulation of data. They are the ones being paid by us to lie. They are the ones that are costing the global economies trillions of dollars for nothing. It is everyone elses lives they are wrecking. World Wars have been started for less.

  7. Don in Edmonton says:

    Maybe the fossil fuel industry should just shut down and turn off the taps for one week. When these global warming extremists can’t cook, heat their homes, drive their car, charge ALL of their phones and toys, go to work (no power to run equipment), no trains or trucks hauling food and goods, etc……. maybe then they will not be so eager for everyone to return to the stone age once they experience what it would be like with no power. 82% of the world still runs on fossil fuels today.

  8. tomwys says:

    Chad Wozniak’s advice is “spot on.” Nice to see intelligent discourse in the blogosphere!!!

  9. Chad Wozniak says:

    An additional point: the Tenth Amendment gives the states the authority to prosecute federal officials who have jurisdiction in them. Any Supreme Court ruling denying this state would be invalid, amounting to an a priori amendment to the Constitution, and could and should be ignored. Therefore, Texas or Wyoming would have standing and jurisdiction to prosecute Lynch if she joins the conspiracy.

    • Chad Wozniak says:

      I meant “authority,” not “state” – my apologies for the typo.


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