More EPA Water Tests Show Water to be Safe

The EPA  released another round of water testing data on Dimock today and the results can’t be encouraging for litigants or anti-natural gas activists because there’s still no evidence of a significant problem with the town’s water.  Here’s the data and here’s what EPA said regarding the latest round of testing:

EPA Statement on Dimock, April 20, 2012:

EPA has completed and shared with residents and Pennsylvania state officials the third set of sampling at 16 private drinking water wells in Dimock, Pennsylvania.  This set of sampling did not show levels of contaminants that would give EPA reason to take further action.  At one well, EPA found elevated levels of arsenic and offered alternate water but the resident declined.  EPA remains committed to providing Dimock residents with the best available data and information on the quality of drinking water as expeditiously as possible.

And, here’s what Cabot had to say:

Cabot Oil & Gas Statement on Dimock, April 20, 2012

Today, the US Environmental Protection Agency released the third set of water samples compiled at private drinking water wells in Dimock, PA.  The data released today confirms the two earlier EPA findings that levels of contaminants found do not possess a threat to human health and the environment.  Again, these findings are consistent with literally thousands of pages of water quality data accumulated by state and local authorities and by Cabot Oil and Gas.  As with the other findings, EPA did not indicate that those contaminants that were detected bore any relationship to oil and gas development in the Dimock area.  Cabot continues to looks forward to working closely with federal, state and local officials in using the best and most accurate science to address public concerns.

U.S. EPA has now reiterated three times what Cabot Oil and Gas and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental have already said; Dimock’s water is safe.

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  1. Dave Perotto says:

    Where is the mainstream media???? Ah yes very quiet indeed. Covering this story would be akin to admitting their irresponsible, initial reporting of Dimock, PA. No you won’t hear from them now, smear Cabot Oil, PADEP and the industry and walk away. If I was CEO of Cabot, I would sue everyone that tarnished my company. Yes, that makes a capitalist, proud of it too.

    • I love it your spot on… More good news…. Craig Stevens, fan of the Sautner myth, was ordered by the town of Montrose PA to cease and desist…Dismantle…. Discontinue…. using the water hydrant to collect and deliver water to the families who were used by NYRAD… to further their anti-drill smear campaign, fueled by sensationalist media outlets, now going broke because of their lack of fact finding, and their non retractions of ill fated backwoods journalism, that is catching up to them like a rock dropped to the bottom feeders by a Norman Rockwell red cheeked boy on a boat dock. Cease and Desist… it’s what we who love science, and Ted Nugent have advocated for since the discovery and first titration of the first lab beaker of the first water test in the first complaint have always known because we read the reports.

      “It makes me sick” says Stevens… seems like people against drilling get sick if the wind changes direction, if the birds change direction, if the grass isn’t sticky, it makes the anti sick when their own community tells them “Enough Already”

      This message was written and approved by Vic Furman… No Park Foundation grant monies, no Shaleshock film production coverage, No VeRSE petition influence, No Duke Studies, Just a regular guy with the guts to be the first visitor to this forum to sign his real name and who is tired of liars winning the battle of hyperbole but losing the war on fact’s, ultimately causing the fall of their movement.

  2. John Alvey says:

    It’s sad, to me, that the people of Dimock PA upon finding that thier water was not contaminated would be disappointed. There are literally billions of people in 3rd. world countries who would be overjoyed to have such water available. And if even a small fraction of these folks were to have this quality of water provided by some government entity (unlikely), the media would be thrilled.If, on the other hand it was provided by some corporation (more likely), there would probably be little mention, maybe by Fox, or it would be reported as some lame reparation attempt, not as a genuine act of good will, or at least good business.
    In the end, the slimy lawyers, will be the only beneficiaries. The people will still have their water problems. They could have probably improved their water through the cooperative expert help of the EPA, PADEP,and the drilling companies, at little or no cost. But no, because the lawyer were in the way. Sad. chippewajohn

    • Loren Salsman says:


      There are only 11 households that are not happy with the water test results from the EPA. Please do not refer to the “people of Dimock” when you are really referencing 11 litigants. The rest of us already knew what the water test results would reveal, beacause we have been receiving water test results for years. The only reason the EPA was here in Dimock was because of lawyers and politicians, not science. Once again, science and truth have prevailed.

      Loren Salsman
      Dimock, PA

  3. John. It is sad that what has taken place in Dimock PA was perpetrated by shady lawyers and NYRAD (New York Residents Against Drilling). It is sad that the infamous film “GASLAND” sold a bill of goods to so many using its misrepresentations and made for Hollywood fear tactics. Today I received a blog from Julie Saunter of Carter road in Dimock simply calling me a liar. That blog brought me too her Facebook page and here is a strange video I took off their facebook which was made with the same poor sleazy tactics that Gasland was made with. It’s done well so they must have had help, but the fact that children were once used again in the last ditch effort to gain some credibility in the water debate makes me upset for the children’s sake. Keep in mind that Craig Saunter and I debated a statement he made about his wife and children were passing out in the shower when I asked him if his home was so dangerous to live in that a shower caused fainting spells why did he not get out…what kind of father would keep his family in harms way and he replied to me “I never said my family passed out in the shower!” Watch the Video

    If you watched the Video you will notice that it is said that the water is contaminated with chemicals. Cabot tested the water! ThePA- DEP tested the water at the Saunters and Josh Fox & mark Ruffalo stood outside a PA branch of the EPA demanding the EPA test the water they did! all three agencies had the same results. Thee water meets the federal standards and is safe for human consumption.

    Now here is the controversy:
    1) When Cabot came back with there positive test results NYRAD & Litigants cried fould that the driller was testing so the test couldn’t be trusted.
    2) When the PA-DEP came back and said the water was fine they accused the PA-DEP of selling out to oil & Gas
    3) Now that the EPA, a federal agency, came back with 58 0f the 60 wells tested being declared to meet the standards for safe drinking with no frack chemicals present the litigants are saying the EPA needs to lower the standards so they might have a leg to stand on in there lawsuit. after all it is about the money at this point.

    Now in this Video (above) you see the infamous brown jug of water being drawn from a well. I don’t buy it and I hope anyone with any common sense doesn’t fall victim to this video.

    Why might the water be brown? let me share this with you. Several years ago I had my water tested for bacteria and was told not to drink it until after I dumped a gallon of Clorox down the well. I had trouble getting the rusted screws loose on the well cap so I took a five pound hand held mallet and with a few swings I knocked off the well cap and poured down the bleach as instructed. After letting it sit 24 hours as recommended I turned on my water in the kitchen sink and it came out the same color as what you see in the Saunters new propaganda video. Upset that I ruined my well I called Agway the people who tested my well, and told them that the bleach had turned my water brown. They told me that it is common for that to happen with wells with a high iron content that I should just leave the water run until it cleared out. I did It did clear up after about an hour or two. Now remember that 5 pound mallet…. I had to use it again to get the cap back on the water well. Guess what my water turned brown again but I knew what to do and I have clear water today.

    My point is that the brown water going from the jug spick et to the jug in their propaganda film can be created with a couple of taps of a hammer on almost any water well.

    The sad part is using these children as movie props is not a good character builder for any child. I can only hope they do not understand what they are being used for. It should be illegal to prostitute children in a scam hoping to get public opinion swayed by the expense of the innocence of youth.

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