In Final Action EPA Declares Dimock Water Safe (for the 4th time)

Well, its been said before and we will say it again.  The water in Dimock is safe.  It has now been declared by Cabot Oil and Gas, Pennsylvania DEP and the Environmental Protection Agency.  The agency’s latest findings match its previous determinations– Dimock’s water is safe to drink, does not pose a threat to human health, and requires no further action. The release speaks for itself so we have included that in its entirety below.  With this latest announcement it seems no one shares the litigants viewpoint and that they are quickly running out of options.

PHILADELPHIA (July 25, 2012) – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced today that it has completed its sampling of private drinking water wells in Dimock, Pa. Data previously supplied to the agency by residents, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and Cabot Oil and Gas Exploration had indicated the potential for elevated levels of water contaminants in wells, and following requests by residents EPA took steps to sample water in the area to ensure there were not elevated levels of contaminants. Based on the outcome of that sampling, EPA has determined that there are not levels of contaminants present that would require additional action by the Agency.

“Our goal was to provide the Dimock community with complete and reliable information about the presence of contaminants in their drinking water and to determine whether further action was warranted to protect public health,” said EPA Regional Administrator Shawn M. Garvin. “The sampling and an evaluation of the particular circumstances at each home did not indicate levels of contaminants that would give EPA reason to take further action. Throughout EPA’s work in Dimock, the Agency has used the best available scientific data to provide clarity to Dimock residents and address their concerns about the safety of their drinking water.”

EPA visited Dimock, Pa. in late 2011, surveyed residents regarding their private wells and reviewed hundreds of pages of drinking water data supplied to the agency by Dimock residents, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and Cabot. Because data for some homes showed elevated contaminant levels and several residents expressed concern about their drinking water, EPA determined that well sampling was necessary to gather additional data and evaluate whether residents had access to safe drinking water.

Between January and June 2012, EPA sampled private drinking water wells serving 64 homes, including two rounds of sampling at four wells where EPA was delivering temporary water supplies as a precautionary step in response to prior data indicating the well water contained levels of contaminants that pose a health concern. At one of those wells EPA did find an elevated level of manganese in untreated well water. The two residences serviced by the well each have water treatment systems that can reduce manganese to levels that do not present a health concern.

As a result of the two rounds of sampling at these four wells, EPA has determined that it is no longer necessary to provide residents with alternative water. EPA is working with residents on the schedule to disconnect the alternate water sources provided by EPA.

Overall during the sampling in Dimock, EPA found hazardous substances, specifically arsenic, barium or manganese, all of which are also naturally occurring substances, in well water at five homes at levels that could present a health concern. In all cases the residents have now or will have their own treatment systems that can reduce concentrations of those hazardous substances to acceptable levels at the tap. EPA has provided the residents with all of their sampling results and has no further plans to conduct additional drinking water sampling in Dimock.

For more information on the results of sampling, visit: .



  1. Bill Genocide says:
  2. Tommy Long says:

    John, why is it so hard for Mrs. Legere of the regional media to report on this subject objectively instead of spinning it under a negative light? Her article, published today is disingenuous. First, it does not explain that these substances are NATURALLY OCCURING instead she simple puts the word hazardous next to it. Of course anything is hazardous under the right circumstance but these tests, like so many others, have proved natural gas drilling did not impact the water. Interesting how the true meaning of this story line is completely missed by Times-Tribune. If hazardous is really so important to Laura maybe she should write a story how Aspirin can be can kill you if you take 13 of them. Second, why isn’t the title more representative of the fact that water in Dimock is safe to drink? Just look at the title and tone of this article also found on the Times-Tribune website from the associated press EPA give final OK to Dimock, Pa. well water. Seems more fair and representative of the issue at hand.

    • John says:
      • Observer says:

        Nice reading the post on this subject John. My favorite ones are the ones that challenge the EPA to drink the water. They already explained why they won’t drink Craig and Julies water, it has human fecal matter in it and this is the 3rd time the Sautners were told this and told to fix their septic. Perhaps the state Board of Health will step in now and condemn the home until they do and the brown water will clear up. These people should be sued for their participation in Dimockgate. The lie that robbed NY Yorkers from leasing their land for 4 years.

    • Sherry Hart says:

      I would almost lay money that Laura Legere is a card-carrying member of GDAC or some other anti-drill group.

      Not only does she continue to spin her articles so that the truth is obscured, but she has turned down many requests to interview those in Dimock, including the litigants own neighbors, who could present another side of the story. The Times-Tribune touts itself that it reports all the Marcellus Regions news that is fit to print or some such nonsense. I once called out Ms. Legere on this fact in the comments section of one of her “reports”, and wrote how this was a bald-faced lie. I wrote exactly what I wrote above about being offered the opportunity to interview people with a differing view and it’s the only comment I have ever had deleted.

      Is it possible (and before someone says “Prove it”, I am merely theorizing) that because Scranton will be the venue for the legal determination in a court of law, if the lawsuit plays out that far, and because Scranton and the city-goers are so far-removed from the Town of Dimock, that Legere is purposefully spinning these articles for the lawsuit to be a win for the litigants, and thus, the anti-drill cause will continue? Few Scranton or WB residents really take a trip this far west to determine the reality for themselves. With all the spin in the media, how much effort might a jury make in understanding technical data?

      Just a thought.

  3. harry says:
  4. Thanks John and EID for being one of the only ones to bring Dimocks other side to the table.
    I understand my following comments are harsh but its sad to see what is taking place as a few divide our communities with unfounded fear. They walk away with not even a sorry or huh so that why my water has tasted like crap FOREVER!

    I would like to think the Press & Sun,other media, people would learn from this.

    The good name of a towns has been trashed! The towns people form a grass roots form a group and fight back “With Dimock Proud”. They get almost no press.

    My post in the PRESS & SUN,

    If this paper had any dignity they would interview the anger and emotions from this towns people who were used by all especialy the Sautners with help from NYRAD and Mayor Matt Ryand to try and leverage a Lawsuit.

    How about a follow up on the fraud and deception of those that backed this sad act that the press broke out in hives over. Where is Mayor Matt Ryans apology for wasting tax payers money and poking a stick in the eye of a town in another state!

    The fear mongering campaign marches on! A few lives ruined a Town a company. Hey after all where does it say responsible journalism or even responsible? Responsibility is up to the legal department to clean up a mess. But no mess there your tossing pebbles at a tank.
    The towns people are fighting over the principle in this matter a nd that cost money to defend. Any attorney will tell you its not worth fighting, so when is it worth fighting?
    Maybe when its your name?

    You are going to toss away thousands for principle? You cant get blood from a stone !

    This is about paper sales, who said they print the facts or truth. Next victim. The people are hungry for fear and disparate for misery, roll the press no time for facts besides they don’t sell and by the time they figure it out its old news. Today people read the paper looking for tragedy at someone expense for small talk at the water cooler and coffee shops. Like those that watch NASCAR for wrecks. Got to feed em right Press?
    Again no follow up just an AP release because taking rights away from those around this misinformation campaign isn’t news.

  5. Bill Ferullo says:

    Dimock is not the only problem and evidence is has come out to prove this !Hold on to your pants gassers you won’t be seeing your check very soon !

    • Tom Shepstone says:

      OK I’ll hold my breath.

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