*UPDATE* Dimock: The Full Story

Jim Grimsley and Ann Van Lenten
Dimock Township Landowners

Jim and I are proud residents of Dimock Township in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania.  We are the voice of the silent majority in Dimock and we would like everyone to hear “the other side.”  As landowners, we are acutely aware that, in April, 2010, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) imposed a moratorium on natural gas development, by Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation, in a 9-square mile area of Dimock.  As a result of the natural gas development ban, over 500 families (us included) are being held back from collecting gas royalties because gas wells cannot be developed or completed by Cabot.  Because other gas companies have been working in that very same 9-square mile area since April 2010, I became convinced the ban was not imposed because of any “public safety” issue but, rather, that there had to be more to the story.

Dimock residents organized a neighborhood group called “Enough Already” to challenge an earlier proposal for a water line.  This group has, in turn, created the ENOUGH IS ENOUGH campaign. Dimock residents are tired of listening to negative propaganda about our town.  We are tired of having our gas leases put on hold (since April, 2010) because of 11 families that will not accept remedies handed to them – for free.  The ENOUGH IS ENOUGH campaign has included a petition asking the Department of Environmental Protection to lift the drilling ban imposed on Cabot. That petition was sent to the DEP on December 14th and we are hoping it will not fall on deaf ears.  While going door-to-door, I met so many people who have lived here for generations and who were more than willing to tell me how it really was to grow up here, and how they feel about the misinformation being spread about their town.  We are here to pass that information on to you.

For those of you who don’t know the full story, it goes like this.  Some 11 families living on or near Carter Road, in Dimock Township, are claiming to be abandoned by their township, by the Department of Environmental Protection, by Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation, and finally, by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  Their initial claim was that their water had been contaminated due to methane migration from natural gas wells drilled near their properties.

That claim has now blossomed into claims of contaminants in their water including, but not limited to, ethylbenzene, xylene, ethylene glycol (antifreeze) and propylene glycol (a naturally occurring by-product in the fermentation of some commercially packaged beers.  Propylene glycol is rapidly degraded in all environmental media.  These chemicals are not used in the hydro-fracturing process and, interestingly enough, these chemicals were not detected in 2008 pre-drill samples taken at more than a dozen water supplies along Carter Road.  There was a toluene contaminant found this spring and summer by Scranton-based Farnham and Associates Inc. which was at levels 1,000 times higher than the toluene levels detected in two wells in 2008.  The firm’s president, Daniel Farnham, said. “I’m not here to argue with the gas company,” he said. “My objective is just to illustrate that something’s going on here and it needs to be investigated.”

Yes, I should say there needs to be an investigation. Chemicals miraculously appearing in water wells 3 years after drilling has stopped sounds suspicious to me.

BACK TO US – We moved here in 2003, looking to eventually retire in a quiet country setting. We love it here in Dimock. All of our neighbors are wonderful, people with an amazing sense of giving.  They are literally neighbors who help their neighbors.  The exploration and capture of natural gas from under our land has definitely had a positive impact on our quiet town.  Our county, which was one of the poorest in Pennsylvania, has morphed into a bustling progressive region. Jobs, which used to be near non-existent, have opened up to local residents. Small businesses have been able to capitalize on the economic progress brought by development. Residents are able to collect monthly royalty checks which were desperately needed by most.

On the flip side, since April of 2010, our town has received much negative publicity due to the litigation of the Carter Road families.  Environmental groups, movie stars, movie directors, and out-of-state politicians have all jumped on the band wagon in an attempt to put a halt to hydraulic fracturing of horizontal natural gas wells.  These groups all have their own agenda and are using the so-called “contaminated water” as a springboard to promote themselves and their causes.  Our country needs to reduce its dependency on foreign energy.  Natural gas is a clean energy source that can help achieve that goal.

I digress – back to the negative publicity our Town of Dimock is receiving. The 11 Dimock families seem to be attempting to settle their lawsuit in the court of public opinion.  They are using the internet to refer to our town as “ground zero”, which gives an impression that Dimock is a polluted, barren town that is in ruins.  Let me tell you that 99.9% of the people  in Dimock are grateful to be a part of the development of clean energy.  We all have clean water in our water wells.  We resent having our town being disgraced and smeared in the media. The ongoing lawsuit is between 11 families and a gas exploration company.  So as to keep the lawsuit alive and colossal, facts are being blown out of proportion. Here are the facts as I have learned them (firsthand) from lifelong residents while going door-to-door with our petition:

Methane is a natural occurrence. Methane has been present in the water of Susquehanna County for hundreds of years. We have many lifelong residents who are willing, and able, to attest to that.  As a matter of fact, one of those lifelong residents actually grew up with one of the 11 litigants.  He tells of the childhood escapades he and his litigant friend shared in.  The two of them would go into the woods (as young children) to hide out and smoke.  They would go down by the creek and light the creek water on fire.  Mind you, this was over 50 years ago. Why doesn’t the litigant remember this?  Who in the world would have thought to put a cigarette lighter next to their water faucet and light their water?  In my opinion, only one who had prior knowledge that it was even possible.

The affected families have been offered twice the assessed value of their homes. The 4.1 million dollars is in an escrow account for them and they have been informed of how to collect their money.  The litigants have refused the money.  REPEAT: The litigants have refused the money.

The affected families have been offered a free water treatment system for their homes. In October of last year, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection said Cabot met the requirements that the DEP imposed on them – putting twice the assessed value of their homes in an escrow account, and offering a free methane removal system to homeowners.  Therefore, Cabot could stop delivery of water to the homes by November 30, 2011.  Cabot sent letters to affected homeowners on November 1, advising that water deliveries will stop on November 30.  The litigants have refused the water treatment systems. REPEAT: The litigants have refused the water treatment systems. Isn’t it absurd that after November 30th the litigants go on camera and claim that they had no idea the water deliveries would stop and ask questions like “what are we going to do now?”

The litigants are collecting gas royalties. Enough said.

A compilation of half-truths and misinformation has turned the name “Dimock” into a dirty word. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We, the silent majority of Dimock, live in a wonderful town and we all have pure, clean water in our water wells.  Please stop offering help to people who don’t need help.  Did you know that one litigant is building a brand new house on the very same land that supposedly has tainted water?  Would you build a house on land that really has tainted water?

These 11 litigants have been offered FREE HELP and have declined it so that their lawsuit stays alive and will for as long as they keep getting away with their bogus claims. By the way, one litigant bought his more than 100 acres with the money he gained from – – – guess what – – – a lawsuit! Now, do you want to continue supporting their cause?  It’s best to learn both sides of the story before jumping in to support a cause that has little if any legitimacy.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!


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  1. KJG says:

    very enlightening!!!

  2. Jerry McDonough says:

    Formerly of Dunmore I too recall methane coming from the cracks in the ground across Monroe Av from the old Scranton Stadium. Methane is found in its natural state all through the Appalachian Mountains. The mines were full of methane.

  3. Calin Riffle says:

    here is a link to the latest chemicals in the Carter Ely well water by a certified hydrogeologist http://frackthemovie.com/HydroQuest%20-%20Dimock%20Press%20Statement%2012-06-11.pdf

    First he families WERE NOT offered 2 X the value of their homes ( mind you Cabot determined the home value not the tax map ) the money offered would have 1/3 going to the attorneys , one third to taxes and the rest would hardly pay off most of the mortgages still ower to even get out of town debt free on their HOMES.This was a back door deal between Cabot and the DEP none of the families or their attorney were EVEN INCLUDED IN THE DISCUSSION!
    Secondly the “offered system ” would become the full responsibility of the homeowners and ONLY removes METHANE not the other DOZENS of toxic contaminates both naturally as a result of coming up from underground aquifer contamination and industry used . THE PA DEP stated on record that the aquifer is contaminated this is not some “made up heresay ” as you would like to imply .
    To be a member of that community and to imply the chemicals appeared after drilling has stopped shows how truly IGNORANT you are on water migration realities , just because the drilling stops does not end all the tons of frack waste underground from existing it does not just go “poof “and disappear. Your write up is so pathetic and full of lies and miss truths is is hard to even address them all . The basic thought I have after reading this INDUSTRY FUNDED PR PROPAGANDA ARTICLE is that the industry will stop at nothing to get that gas , divide townspeople , fool honest American citizens and spread totally untrue pieces of informationall based NOT SO EVER ON THE FACTS . Outside people have come in to help these residents as the locals are forgetting a very basic principals …help thy fellow man in need , though shalt love thy neighbor as thyself …one day your well will go bad then what is your plan. It is so truly sad how this has spun so out of control at the expense of families basic fundamental rights all over GREED and the taste of easy shortsighted with no conscience money for a mere generation .Time WILL EXPOSE the very sad reality in Dimock families lives destroyed and a contaminated aquifer that will never be able to be repaired , this is just the TIP of the iceberg of water contamination to come in PA and EVERYWHERE gas drilling has occurred.

    • Tom says:

      One-third to the attorneys! Now we are getting down to truth, aren’t we? It’s all about the money.

      • Calin Riffle says:

        hardly Tom my point IS there is not enough money offered to relocate peoples LIVES , to walk away pick up and move house . their homes currently can NOT EVEN BE SOLD as by state law you MUST have POTABLE water to sell a home .

        • Tom says:

          They do have potable water or access to it and that has been proven over and over again. Moreover, they have been offered settlements equal to 71% of the market value of their homes.

    • Ann says:

      Calin, you live in Narrowsburgh, NY. How is it possible that you know more about what is going on in Dimock than the Dimock residents know?

      Your first statement was: “First he families WERE NOT offered 2 X the value of their homes ( mind you Cabot determined the home value not the tax map )
      WRONG – Please see the PA DEP letter to Cabot Oil & Gas dated October 18, 2011. Check out the top of Page 2 entitled “Escrow Fund”, which reads: “Within thirty (30) days after the date of this Consent Order and Settlement Agreement, Cabot shall establish nineteen (19) Escrow Funds and each Escrow Fund shall hold an amount equal to, whichever is greater: $50,000; or two times the assessed value by the Susquehanna County Tax Assessor of the property(ies) owned by the Property Owners within the Dimock/Carter Road Area. Such assessed values for each property owned by the Property Owners are listed in chart attached as Exhibit D;”.

      I’ll discuss this no further with you since you are not adult enough to refrain from name calling. You called me ignorant. I am not ignorant. If you learned how to spell, you wouldn’t be perceived to be ignorant either.

      • Chuck Dawes says:

        There homes and properties were assessed years ago at 50% of the value back then. And twice of that would bring you up to the full value years ago. They need to have each property appraised at today value and cabot give them twice of that amount. That would be fair. With out water, the properties are of little value. Most or all of the people would accept that offer and cabot can move there people in at that time and let them live there. Thanks Chuck

  4. Calin Riffle says:

    ONE MORE VERY IMPORTANT POINT the gas “royalties ” you speak of have dropped 90% in less that A YEAR , so for example a royalty check last year that was 2200 bucks is not 300-120 bucks , yes dropped fro mover 2 g to less than TWO HUNDRED dollars ! So save that sighning money , you are all going to need it to buy your own water one day .

    • Tom says:

      You sound very envious.

      • Calin Riffle says:

        hardly , saddened , sickened , not envious at all !

  5. well done says:

    it seems the air is at risk being that the air waves in PA are being polluted with lies and mis-information at the requst and instigations of NYRAD

  6. Dick_Cheney_Convert says:

    It’s funny how despite my having been a Susquehanna Countian for 44 years, including a full-time one for the last 29 of them, and despite my having talked to many old-timers over all those years, I never heard a single one of the stories about the water in my county being flammable until after Cabot started drilling in it.

    • Tom says:

      Are you unaware of the history of the Salt Springs State Park? I suggest you read the History tab at:


      It’s time you learned more about your county!

      • Dick_Cheney_Convert says:

        I know my county from pedaling my **** around it (including stopping at Salt Springs Park AND REFILLING MY WATER BOTTLE THERE as I vaguely recall, if Salt Springs Park is the part of the county that you want to talk about), not from sitting on my ***** reading state-sponsored literature for the purpose of cooking up spins therefrom with which to GET THE WHOLE INDUSTRY SHUT DOWN (WHICH I SEE YOU’RE CONTINUING TO DO A MORE EFFECTIVE JOB TOWARDS THAN I’VE EVER SEEN ANY “ANTI” DO) by defending your, now, FEDERAL-WELFARE-BUMMING buddy CABOT.

        • Tom says:

          Well, that certainly introduces some professionalism into the discussion. Also, I’m having difficulty grasping whether you realize Salt Springs State Park and Dimock are both part of Susquehanna County.

          • Dick_Cheney_Convert says:

            …from the mouth of a defender of a company that doesn’t know that Harford isn’t part of the Soviet Union.

          • Tom says:

            Well, this comment certainly speaks fo itself – incomprehensible.

          • Dick_Cheney_Convert says:

            Hmmm, perhaps you aren’t as far along on your studying of me as I thought you might be by now. (I thought you might be at least far enough along to know, for example, that Alex Lotorto, whom you’ve written at least three almost-as-thorough-as-if-funded-by-Homeland-Security ad hominem pieces on so far, pushes my rickshaw for me sometimes.) I’m HURT to have just learned that it might still be a while before I get to read a similarly-thorough-yet-error-filled ad hominem piece by EID about ME.)

            So to answer your apparent inquiry above: I’ve been visiting the Harford Fairgrounds for 44 years. During all that time, there was only ONCE that my CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS were violated at the gate thereof (in several ways, I might add – just read the archives of what I’ve posted about it in various places since July 23rd; you obviously have time on your hands in which to do so).

          • Tom says:

            We’ll let this comment speak for itself.

    • Jim Borden says:

      Had it demonstrated to me 30+ years ago by a resident of Carter road. Just because you did not hear does not mean it did not exist. Was not a big issue then because it could not be blamed on third party..

      • Dick_Cheney_Convert says:

        I’ve never claimed that it did not exist. Learn to read.

      • James Rail says:

        I’ve been building and remodelling houses for 45 yrs. Back in the early ’70’s I worked in Northern wyoming /Southern Susquehanna County. It was common knowledge then , that water would burn , well houses would explode . For Anyone who worked in residential construction , particularly the well drillers , this was just another iinteresting(frankly…..amusing) quirk . But back then there wasn’t such a tendency to ascribe blame elsewhere .
        We live in a new paradigm in which it is acceptable to enrich ones’ self by attacking , litigating , or whatever.
        If the old-timers were still around , they would probably shrug their shoulders and find a practical way to deal with it.
        Although I’m sure there are instances of companies taking short-cuts , or employing less-than-conscientious employees , I don’t think that is the norm .
        Of course there are issues . But they won’t be resolved by engaging in self-destructive behavior.
        Keeping in mind that there are now available resources (financial , technological , and educational) to utilize in the improvement of quality of life/living standards of that area.

  7. I DON'T TRUST THE EPA says:

    The EPA announced today that they will be making water deliveries to the 4 families on carter road until testing results are in. In the article it is all dependant on wether or not the Saunters and others will allow access to their properties something the litigants have denied in the past. Hopefully the truth will finally come out !

    As we are well (no pun attended) aware chemicals have been found in some earlier testing’s of these wells that were not used in the fracking process and is indicative of someone introducing either intentionally, or even with criminal intent to deceive the public, and build the anti argument against NG-Drilling in NY. NYRAD members have been very vocal about doing whatever it takes to ban the drill and by all of their actions as well as their own words of mouth should be under the scrutiny of HOME LAND SECURITY as ENVIRONMENTAL TERROIST and suspects. In any case, the EPA should not just test the wells near fracking site’s but to get an over all baseline they should test other wells in the area for a baseline.

    Here is a letter that should put all Gas Drilling companies as well as the PA State police on notice that shows the extreme’s these anti drill fanatics. It is a call for volunteers to gather samples from well sites and nearby water sources for lab analysis. Asking for 20 anti gas volunteers to trespass on private PA properties and look for trouble to me is the same as asking for 20 volunteers to create what the anti needs and can’t find. I just can’t trust a group of people who stated they will do anything to kill the drill. Also I understand that this type of testing is already being done by the DEP so any different conclusions to testing this way would seem to only add fog to an already clouded debate. The letter :

    Subject: Looking for Water Monitoring Volunteers
    Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2012 15:15:07 -0500
    From: scott lauffer
    Reply-To: scott lauffer

    The Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter is participating with The Alliance of Aquatic Resource Monitoring (ALLARM) out of Dickinson College to monitor streams and waterways in NY regions impacted by hydrofracking. Since we are within miles of hydrofracking in Pennsylvania, and share the Susquehanna watershed with northern Pennsylvania, there is a critical need to both establish a baseline for water quality and monitor for occurrences of hydrofracking chemicals in our watershed. We are trying to get 20 volunteers who will commit a few hours a month to collect samples in local waterways. The idea is to be in close proximity to each other, so we are first trying to see if we can get enough volunteers within 20 miles of Binghamton or so. ALLARM will provide a day of training and tools so that we are equipped to follow an established scientific protocol in collecting and analyzing data. Barium and strontium are the two signature chemicals that will be checked for when Total Dissolved Solid (TDS) indicators are high. We will serve as early detection volunteers and will be expected to notify the DEC when contamination is discovered. There is a lot more to the process, but be assured that true and tried methods are going to be implemented.

    If you would like to participate in this or have questions, either respond to this email or call me at 607-341-3746. We already have 9 people from last night’s Susquehanna group meeting who have expressed interest, that is an encouraging start. You do not have to be a Sierra Club member to participate. Once we get 20 people, we can still take more names on a waiting list, because a few people most likely will not be able to make the training. A training date can be set up in approximately six weeks from now. This is a long term commitment, so be prepared for that before signing up. We will be the second group established in New York with ALLARM, one was just set up in western New York. There are several groups currently operating effectively in Pennsylvania.


    Scott Lauffer

    • David says:

      You are way off in your hyperbole about water quality monitoring. the ALARM testing uses EPA protocols and only monitors for changes in the conductivity test in waterways. The testing sites are on PUBLIC property or on right of ways such as bridge overpasses. Specific written permission is needed and documented if sampling locations occur on private property.

      This is just monitoring and specific tests are NOT preformed unless the conductivity test is out of the “norm” for the area. The norm is established by long-term monitoring of the same location. It is also factored for seasonal variation of the conductivity which again has to be established over a period of time

      This is part of the EPA’s Volunteer Stream Monitoring program.
      The PA-DEP does not have the resources or personnel to monitor the vast number of streams and waterways in PA. they only test specific locations and mostly on large waterways.

      Why are you so paranoid that citizens are monitoring? something to hide?

  8. Bram Loeb says:

    Arsenic??? Barium??? yes, they are naturally occurring, but should not be in such high concentrations. It would appear that the EPA is confirming what the DEP stated 2 years ago. The aquifer is PERMANENTLY contaminated. Now 60 wells are being tested… I can’t wait to hear the results…. and watch you eat your words…. or maybe you should DRINK them.

    • Tom says:

      Where is your data to draw that conclusion? Do you know how much arsenic and barium are already in area groundwater? Do the levels in any of the wells exceed the MCL’s? The answer to the last question is “NO” which says it all, doesn’t it?

    • Bram Loeb For Congress says:

      Then maybe he can move out of mommys house

      • SideShowBob says:

        Yeah…can’t you see that buffoon in the halls of Congress clad in his yellow HazMat suit. Hey Fracktivista..why don’t you try pedaling your junk Indian jewelry here or indoctrinating us on your other raison d’etre….chemtrails.

  9. Cathy McNulty says:

    The company gave them water because … they were responsible and today the DEC is beginning to deliver water because …it’s polluted by drilling chemicals and methane. Noone will trust you if you are an apologist for the industry when they are at fault.

  10. Cathy McNulty says:

    Sorry it was the EPA.

    • Tom says:

      Who is the apologist here? It seems to me an awful lot of people are rushing into to claim EPA studies not yet conducted as vindication for a claim they dearly hope is true. The EPA’s initial report offers virtually nothing and yet you are yelling “pollution.”

  11. Sandra Berry says:

    WHen I asked my husband who grew up in Dimock if they could light the water on fire, his response was dont you thing if we could have lite the water on fire we would have. He never heard of it either untill now. Your information is here say. I had land on the border of DImock with water tests for 6 years every three months, after that I had bizzare chemicals in my water, one was a ph of 10 the highest which is only caused by gas exploration. I am sick of people who have not lived here only caring about the money. It is nothing but Greed. Those people had good water until this!!! This is a one sided article and you should look at the facts!

    • Tom says:


      Are you unaware of the history of the Salt Springs State Park? I suggest you read the History tab at:


      It’s time you learned more about your county!

      • BRETTJ says:

        Remember that the gas comes up through natural fractures when you look a the information board by the spring. I wonder what else can come up through natural fractures. Not all the history of the park is on the state park website and many of the signs made before and after that property became a state park had other information that residents of the county can remember seeing back in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

    • Jim Borden says:

      I saw Dimock water lit on fir 30+ years ago. No hearsay. Saw it in person

  12. PARyguy says:

    Has it ever occurred to you that yes they in fact have an agenda and that’s to protect the environment around the town you so love? Hydrolic fracking is anything but clean. Hell it’s even the cause of earthquakes in Ohio. You just want your money, you don’t care what it’s doing to the environment, you don’t care about your neighbors who are living through this. Who feel that they shouldn’t have to be forced to sell their property because of a gas company. This is larger than your town, it’s a national epidemic. The contamination of water supplies is nothing to blink an eye at and should be taken seriously. Someone has to stand up against it, someone has to not sell out because clearly you have. This is nothing more than another “coal” boom, a few years and it’ll all be gone and the town will be abandoned yet again. Take a look a recent years of fish and game reports. More and more we are being warned not to eat fish we catch because of contaminants that weren’t there before. The other side, your other side is all about money. Good luck with that.

  13. kathy ashby-kaminsky says:

    i have gone out and spoken for eid . i went to the dept of energy meeting in pittsburgh and told them about the quarryman here..what i actually said is we havee been dynamiting and blasting the area for hundred years and never affected wted..so these people with their water lasers are gonna cause a problem…..i dont think so…..kand s farms inc..supports natural gas and the income it provides the locals….

  14. Donna says:

    Thank you for speaking up and telling the truth about our county. I live in New Milford and own a business that puts me in homes throughout Susquehanna County. We live in a beautiful place that has remained beautiful and has only been prospered by the activity of the gas industry. Our roads are well maintained and our communities are flourishing with opportunities for all willing to look. I think you and I should contact Cabot and become spokespeople or salesman for them….what do you think?

  15. KMF says:

    In my opinion, for what it’s worth, the story lost credibility when you mentioned you didn’t grow up in the area. As a person who did grow up in Susquahanna County, but no longer lives there, I have watched the area change drastically. The once beautiful county has now become riddled with greed and crime. Charming homes that lined main streets throughout the county have been replaced by run down boarding houses. Regular folks that grew up in the area can’t afford to buy a piece of property anymore. Drugs have escalated to epidemic proportions, and the character of the citizens and surroundings have been denigrated to an all time LOW! All of which have been influenced by the arrival of the gas companies.

    I do hope for your sake, you have actual facts and proff from profession, reliable and unbiased sources about the truth of the quality of the water. It would be sad if, one day you wake up and Northeast PA is the sequal to the “Gasland” documentary about the devastation caused by the gas companies out in Colorado.

    Everyone, including the 11 families on or near Carter Road, have their right to their own opinion and choices.

    For the record, I do not know anyone that lives on or near Carter Road.

    • Tom says:

      So, you no longer live in Susquehanna County, but you know “the character of the citizens and surroundings have been denigrated to an all time low.” I see.

    • edwin heagle says:

      gas land is one of the biggest hoaks of the 20th century methane gas has been in dimock for a hundred years and many places in the northern tierof PA and the southern tier of NY get real

  16. joe shmoe says:

    what about barium and arsenic?let me guess those are natural occurrences to right?well i believe that those who think the people on carter road are lying must have been paid off.yep just like d.e.p. and all the others who has turned their back on those who no longer have clean water to drink or bathe their children in.and those who talk down upon the innocent people of carter road,just wait because your water well is next you can count on it.they are simply letting others know of the dangers that can be caused because of gas drilling.their homes are now worthless because they do not have clean water in their homes.how about you go to one of their homes and ask for a drink of water and take a bath in it.shame on you and everyone else who thinks this is a figment of their imagination.it is simply true and real life.they are living a unimaginable night mare.

    • Tom says:

      Yes, barium and arsenic are natural occurrences. The EPA says it in their report so it must be true.

  17. Kay Dugas says:

    This is a great article. It is really time to get the word out about “the full story”, starting with the Scranton Times-Tribune!!!!!!!!! Think they would print it???????????????

  18. Donna says:

    This should be put in the newspaper so every one can read the real truth.

  19. Sean says:

    I guess Cabot increased your royalties for this article?

    • Tom says:

      Wow, that’s an intelligent comment!

      • Victoe Furman says:

        no it isn’t…

        ohhhh i get it sarcasm

  20. Sean says:

    Oh and it’s 60 houses that are being tested now…

  21. Christina Countryman says:

    Please explain how Dimock and neighboring town Montrose can be called both quiet and bustling. When I was there early on a Sunday morning. I saw 5 giant tanker trucks roar through town in about 10 minutes.
    Has it occurred to anyone that the thousands of gallons of toxic ingredients being rammed into the earth as part of hydrofracking are the answer to the chemical industries disposal problem? Similar ingedients have poisoned the water at several industrial sites, because of leaky storage tanks or outright dumping of spent solvents.

  22. Sheila Snedeker says:

    Thank you for sharing this information with the community!

    • Ann says:

      You’re welcome. I didn’t write the article to anger anyone, believe me. I just wanted to bring some history and firsthand information on this topic.

    • BRETTJ says:

      That is one of the identified threats to Lake Montose as a drinking water source. Truck having accidents carrying chemicals.

  23. Eric Wheaton says:

    A lady that lives near the Sautners told me their well has been worthless for years. There were water filters in the basement before the drilling ever started. Now that lady is part of the lawsuit and will not tell the truth

    • R. Kennedy says:

      are they related to the Saunters ?

    • David says:

      hearsay, not factual information

  24. Trina Jayne says:

    Formerly of Meshoppen. I still have family back there and in Dimock/ Springvile area who are also effected by the drilling. I feel very sad that that they are effected economically especially as a large farming community. However that being said the bigger picture is the fact there is contamination which doesn’t just effect Dimock. What about when it flows downstream from the wastewater that has been dumped into the streams? How will you feel when children, your children, neighbors and loved ones start getting sick? Worry less about MONEY and worry more about the big picture! The Dimock Springville area used to be a beautiful place. Those drills are definitely attractive to see and hear when driving down the road.

    • Tom says:

      You appear to be another individual who, having left own to make your living elsewhere, want those who remain to keep it just as it was when you left so you can experience nostalgic nirvana upon your return at your former neighbors’ expense.

  25. S.D.V. says:

    But what about the defective Cabot gas well casings in the 9 square mile area? Wasn’t there a DEP Notice of Violation issued for Dimock because of well defective casings and now there are more incidences of defective casings in Lenox?

  26. Vera says:

    Mr. Grimsley, you have a well site right next door– are you saying that your well is not producing? I thought it was done and if so, why are you not getting any royalties?

    there are two sides to every story– there are good reasons why the litigants in Dimock do what they do–
    you have to hear their story–

    and EPA found gas-drilling chemicals like triethylene gylcols and other chemicals in their water which is actually found in test results ordered by Cabot and done recently as of Sept. 2011—Cabot kept these test results to themselves until they got the DEP to let them stop delivering water to the litigants and then released these test results that shows major problems;
    and the DEP found improper casings in 22 wells out of 60 in the area and now has found improper casings in the Mountain View school area, Lenox, and Cabot is delivering water to families there.

    The EPA now will start testing 61 families in the Dimock affected area and we will see what they find in about five weeks.

    • Tom says:

      I suggest you Dr. Robert Watson’s reports on casing practices, which indicates all standards were met:



      These are third party independent reviews.

      • S.D.V. says:

        But I was asking about the DEP Notices of Violation. And Cabot has a recent Notice of Violation for the same problems, faulty casings and methane migration in Lenox Township , Susquehanna County. I do not understand what Dr. Robert Watson has to do with the DEP findings. Why did he do an independent review? Does he work for the DEP or for Cabot?
        Are we not to trust what PADEP says? Is this what you mean?

  27. Rachel K says:

    My family lived on Carter Road where it intersected with Beech Grove (auburn twp) and we never had issues with methane; our water was wonderful.

    However, I think that people need to be fully educated to properly make an informed decision because there are long term consequences both positive and negative. The information needs to be put into words that are easily understood by everyone.

    In a county that doesn’t have a source of public higher education, there aren’t a lot of sustainable opportunities. Gas brings jobs and it does bring environmental damage. People should all be educated so that they can make the best decision for themselves and their families.

    To slander the families with opposing opinions isn’t informative, it’s petty and demeans the point that you are trying to make regarding the benefits of drilling and how it has helped the area.

    4.1 million dollars divided by 11 homes is $372,000 depending on the size of the land, the location etc and if each home was being offered equal amounts, this could be an underestimate.

    Regardless of the circumstances, they feel victimized and rather than incite your neighbors to commit potential crimes of hate, why not instead try to understand why they feel the way they do? They are your neighbors too.

    • Tom says:

      It seems the attacks are all coming from the litigants. As another affected homeowner (who took a treatment system and is very happy with it) says, “they are angry the EPA didn’t test earlier but EPA was already in Dimock, begging for allegedly affected wells to sample, and none of the litigants participated. This study was funded by Congress. Now two months later, the litigants claim no one has helped them and have called on a different section of EPA for help, when this same sampling was already offered to them. Where is the money coming from ? This is a waste of taxpayer’s money to appease a bid city trial lawyer who obviously has political connections.”

  28. ron says:

    Cabot oil & GREED has Dimock falling apart with lies from both sides. Don’t smell the coffee….I wonder why !!!!!

    • Tom says:

      Does that mean the litigants are lying?

      • WH says:

        Yes, Otherwise why would the deny water test for two years or more. One question Tom, will the litigants be forced to run their wells prior to testing to circulate the water for an acurate reading? Most people should be aware that an Idle well is a magnet to heavy metals to gather

  29. Brock Welch says:

    Sounds like your issue is that your not getting your $$$. This has not helped the area in a positive manner. In a few more years look back and see the difference. It is a rush then a bust. Workers come business grows workers leave and then what? All the built up infrastructure to cater to the gas companies will now be selling to who? HMMM open your eyes. I have to drive on these beat up roads everyday putting wear and tear on my vehicle. Guess what I pay taxes like everyone else so why dont they get fixed. The gas companies do as they wish. If I was one of the largest compaign donors to the governors election campaign I guess I could do that as well. Your article is very very one sided.

    • Brock Welch says:

      Oh and I forgot to add one last thing. How do you know what chemicals are in fracking fluids? That is a trade secret and doesnt have to be released!!! Nice try

  30. Will says:

    Jim Grimsley and Ann Van Lenten if these 11 families invited you over to drink their well water, would you?

    • Tom says:

      I can’t speak for Ann or Jim but I can tell you I drank the Dimock water before and after treatment and it’s all recorded at:


      • Brock Welch says:

        good now lets wait and when you get some form of cancer have cabot pay your medical bills 🙂

        • Tom says:

          You sound like you’re hoping.

        • Victor Furman says:

          cancer is expected to hit 1 in 4 americans in their lifetime, That was a stupid statement Brock

      • Will says:

        Ok you drank the water in Dimock, But did you drink the water from every well in Dimock? Not all wells test the same in the same area. My well test is great on the other hand and 75 yards away my neighbors well is contaminated and not healthy (no gas companies around my area yet) according to DEP. Maybe some of the 11 families water is safe and others aren’t. Only time and tests will bring out the truth and hopefully it will be soon some of us are getting sick of both sides.

        • Tom says:

          Facts are facts and they’ve been clear for a long time. The only thing that’s changed is that politics has been invoked on behalf of litigants who have nothing to offer in the way of evidence.

  31. ANR says:

    That’s because 99% of you are happy to have the money as there is not much to be had in that area. My parents saw the “non existent” chemicals that were in that area with their own eyes thick nasty goop in the water fish and animals dead along their biking and hiking trails and road and the environmental devastation it caused not to mention their friends that could light their tap water on fire. I am glad that you are rollin in the extra dough and enjoying what looks to be the last few decades of your life as the water and ground and animals are feeling the effects of this. Be happy your meat and fish come from the store ..farm raised far from Dimock. Mark my words this will have an effect in years to come. I can’t even imagine what it will be like to sell their property when they pass is it is now a part of a nationally recognized movie as one of the worst devastation areas in the country. Sugar coat it all you want but there is a reason those 11 families stay strong with their decision.

  32. Tom says:

    Sounds like you’re a Gasland Groupie!

    • Brock Welch says:

      Sounds like you work for the gas company. Maybe you need to move on down the line like the rest of them

  33. Tcav says:

    I was raised in Montrose (22 years) and live in Tunkhannock (Wyoming County) the past 32 years. I find all these posts very interesting since I am not taking sides but trying to learn the facts. We have leases with the gas companies and they are currently starting the process all of you have been living through. We need to look at the big picture. This Country needs alternate sources of energy. Nobody wants the “dump” in their own back yard. Yes, we need to protect our families but we also need to take care of our own and not be dependent on overseas energy. Good luck to the 11 families with their delemma and thank you to others in Dimock who shed light on the other side of the story. Wyoming County will certainly be listening to you.

    • Brock Welch says:

      alternative energy yes. Most of the natural gas gets compressed liquified and shipped out of the country. So are we benefiting or are the Gas companies? Tell me

      • Tom says:

        Most of it? Are you kidding? There aren’t enough CNG ports to ship much at all. However, for the sake of argument let’s say your baseless supposition is true. Do you not realize that would lower the cost of natural gas for tens of millions of households in the U.S. who heat with natural gas?

        • Dick_Cheney_Convert says:

          And take advantage of us lessors with a lower price.

          You, Mr. Shepstone, are talking out both sides of your mouth and showing once again that YOU DO NOT REPRESENT LESSORS IN SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY, who WANT to have exporting facilities and thereby make consumers pay through the nose.

          • Tom says:

            Oh, really! Exports are good for landowners, consumers and the USA but that’s Econ 101.

          • Dick_Cheney_Convert says:

            Re-read my post – I DON’T CARE about consumers. I WANT them to have to pay through the nose (especially when they don’t know how, as I do, to live in a 40-degree house). It is you who does not understand Econ 101 for those of us who want what’s good for our royalty amounts AND for the USA.

          • Tom says:

            So, it’s about the money then, for you.

          • Dick_Cheney_Convert says:

            Are you jealous that I GOT more of it than those to whom it IS all about money (such as, no doubt, you if you’d been one of my neighbors) got?

      • Victor Furman says:

        This is why Soros is funding the anti movement. he invested tens of millions of dollars to bring LPG into the USA and we don’t need it if we drill it.

    • Ann says:


      Thank you for your wonderful comment. It is much appreciated.

  34. Loren Welch says:

    I have lived in or around dimock all my life. Some 35 years ago an old folks home was on carter road and was shut down by the state because of the WATER. WHISPERRING PINES i believe the name was. The water according to the state was not fit to drink. Also ALL of the dimock residents better be aware that if a water pipe line comes from south montrose (montrose) that the sewer probably will come with it. And it wont be for just the eleven,everyone on its path will be made to hook to it. So everyone with a private well that cost 8,000.00 plus a sand mound that cost 10,000.00 to 15,000.00 better suck it up because you will hook to it and pay a fee each month. YOU CAN THANK THE CARTER (11) FOR THIS. Also the bottled water that was given to some of these by CABOT was sold by these people to a local buisness. They want their cake and eat it to, and many will pay for the actions of a few!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mayor Monty says:

      That lake is next to the towns to main roadways, I have seen the oil and gas runoff gointo the lake for years, I wonder what chlorinated gas & oil wil taste like ?
      I wonder if they were to hook the water up would the Saunters sue the town for bad water ?

    • Ann says:

      See, that is information worth hearing about. Something new and unknown up until this point. I looked it up, and you’re right. It was called “Whispering Pines Nursing Home.”

    • ilovetheEPA says:

      How was the water in jail?

      • Tom says:

        Are we supposed to find a rational thought in this?

  35. TruthseekerStacey says:

    ParyGuy has it RIGHT, Tom, you are a transparent pathetic Gas industry SHILL,
    no one but a paid cyber-employee would have such a hard-on for fracking unless they were on the pay roll.
    What kind of perverted mental gymnastics does one have to perform in order to stifle their own conscience into supporting this fracking death ?
    By the Gas co’s own admission, there is NO WAY to do fracking WITHOUT Water contamination…NONE.

    Human Life can not exist without clean drinkable water, Period, end of story.

    To cut to the chase, Fracking equals DEATH< no matter how many paid employees,
    mind controlled robots and dumb suckered people say otherwise.

    The larger question which I would like to start see stimulated in people's minds is WHY,
    since 1951, has the US Government DENIED over FIVE THOUSAND Clean Energy patents and SQUASHED the development of these New Technologies which could provide the people of the world with Clean Green and inexpensive ALTERNATIVES TO DISGUSTING DIRTY COAL, OIL and GAS ???
    Maybe it has something to do with the fact that that the Gas Industry has BRIBED oops, excuse me ahem, "lobbied" government to the tune of over 750 MILLION DOLLARS over the past decade,
    to encourage WEAKENING of Environmental protection Laws so they could go about their DIRTY WORK ….
    I'm sure the same system of bribing/lobbying is the reason why WE the PEOPLE of America have not seen one single alternative Energy device developed and brought into the open Market place…The dirty scum in Govmt is paid off by the same Corporate Greedbags, to censor these new technologies…

    ENOUGH !

    Wake up people and see that the only thing that these so-called "Leaders" are leading, is America to hell in a hand basket !
    Educate yourself about the situation and see that there is NO reason on God's green Earth why we should be destroying this beautful Planet we call Home, all in the name of fuel.

    Look up the movie "Thrive"
    Research Nikola Tesla,
    Stan Meyer water fuel cell
    and water powered engine…
    because Knowledge is power and it's plain to se that we can't continue the way we have….
    Change is upon us…work with it !

    • Tom says:

      Can I assume you are also a 9-11 Truther?

    • Dick_Cheney_Convert says:

      An “alternative energy device” that’s better known to actually work and not be a perpetual-motion machine, has been amply available to all for generations, but the let’s-see-what-government-can-do crowd has been too lazy and selfish to step up to the plate as individuals and use it very much. It’s called the bicycle.

      • Tom says:

        Let’s all bike to work then in Northeast PA – yeah, that’ll work!

        • Dick_Cheney_Convert says:

          I was replying to “TruthseekerStacey”, not to you, Mr. Shepstone. Please accept my apologies for forgetting that you’re the one with time on your hands.

  36. TruthseekerStacey says:

    You can assume whatever your twisted logic wants you to,
    but that’s still not going to change the POISONOUS nature of Fracking,
    uh, you know, the factual TOPIC of this conversation .

    • Tom says:

      You don’t need to shout! You are a Truther then? Do you also believe the moon landing was faked?

      • TruthseekerStacey says:

        No Tom, I believe *you’re* faked.

        Back to the issue at hand:
        Fracking is an antiquated, POISONOUS, anti-life method of extracting fuel,
        and is anything but “natural”.

        Time to explore clean, TRULY green ways of generating energy for our needs…
        Look to Tesla and Stan Meyer as a start…..

        • Tom says:

          No one is against development of renewable resources. We are all for it. Nonetheless, some of us are realists who recognize that fossil fuels are not only allowing us to drive and heat our homes but also make products such as the computer you’re typing from and innumerable other things that improve the quality of everyday life. Natural gas provides a superb opportunity to power our vehicles, stay warm and make things with absolutely minimal disturbance to the land. Visit the gas region and see how little the landscape has changed even as natural gas development is taking place. Go to this site and see if you can identify where the pipeline is for example:


  37. Bill says:

    If the families on Carter road were only offered 2 x the assessed value of their homes I can see why they would want to sue………the assessed value is only a small % of the true market value of any property……..and after costs it would be even less……only a fool would accept this offer………….

    • Tom says:

      Actually, the current common level ratio in Susquehanna County is 2.82 (see http://evans-legal.com/dan/comlevel.html), meaning two times the current assessed value is equal to roughly 71% of market value. Therefore, if a given home is assessed at, say, $200,000, the owner would receive a settlement of approximately $142,000 plus a water treatment system. That’s hardly a small fraction and it’s no small potatoes either.

      • Dick_Cheney_Convert says:

        My LEASE terms don’t require me to dignify the concept of being for SALE for ANY sum of money, no matter how many places to the RIGHT the buyer can afford to move the decimal point in the offer. Therefore, the fact that you think Susquehanna Countians are going to tolerate having that decimal point to the LEFT, to 71%, is just one more reason you need to have your head examined.

  38. David says:

    I still want to know if the methane contamination is from biogenic or thermogenic sources. If it is thermogenic then the contamination is coming from the shale if it is biogenic it is from organic matter which most likely came from groundwater contamination.

    If I understand the problem Cabot’s well casing practices were not adequate to isolate groundwater from the drilling and hydrolic fracturing process and the groundwater was contaminated because of their lack of adequate casing protection procedures.

  39. David says:

    As a chemist I must respond with some additional comments. first off Ethylene glycol may or may not be used in the hydrolic fracturing process but it is also used in as a compound in drilling muds. which are used prior to the fracking process to lubricate the drill and remove the tailings from the drill bore.

    Second the shale layer does not just contain methane it has a gambit of all sorts of organic materials, from the simplest CH4 (methane) to higher molecular weight compounds including benzene and other aromatic compounds.

    The author try’s to divert the readers attention by stating that propylene glycol is a fermentation byproduct, what does that have to do with the contamination issue? it adds nothing but hyperbole to the issue.

    The inference by the authors that the containerization found was deliberate is misleading hyperbole and only clouds the issue. I find this portion of the article to be misleading does nothing to discuss the facts of what is going on in Dimock.

    Personally this article is written in such a way I have to question the ethics of EID and the authors of this article. it does nothing but try and use circular logic and divert attention from the issues at hand. now lets see if EID even bothers to post this comment

    • Tom says:

      Can’t agree with you but more than willing to give you the opportunity to vent. The fact is the EPA is ultimately making the case for what is in effect a Superfund activity based on the presence of two things (manganese and sodium) for which there are no MCL’s. That, my friend, is hyperbole of a wholly outrageous form and it is the EPA doing it, not us. I suggest you read my colleague Chris’s thorough bottom line analysis of what EPA is doing.


      • David says:

        you didn’t bother to state the Arsenic in one well, also the data which shows Benzine and other hazardous organics.

        If there is a plume of these compounds it should be treated as an CERCLA issue. depending on if the material is from contamination from the process of drilling or if it is contamination from the shale.

        The issue is that wells have contamination from CERCLA listed hazardous substances and it needs to be addressed. The EPA is doing its duty to protect these people, unlike the PA-DEP.

        Hyperbole is the fact that EID keeps trying to divert attention from the contamination issue and to downplay the contamination.

        You mention sodium, at what level of sodium does this water become considered saline? as sodium is only cation of an ionic salt, so what is the anion? Chloride? fluoride? Sulfide? Bromide? Sulfate?

  40. Eric Wheaton says:

    If the nursing home was closed 35 years ago because of the water, that is true evidence. I live on Lake Avenue in Montrose, I bought minnows to go ice fishing, they were all dead in 20 minutes because of the chemicals in my water. I think I need to call someone and report a fish kill. I don’t drink my water in town because of the chemicals. Dimock can have it

    • Vic Furman says:

      the reason your minnows died was due to shock, your water temp from your well was much lower then the tank they were stored in at the bait shop being it is winter ie ice fishing” When a landscaper buys coy fish for a water pond in the spring any reputable pet store will advise them to slowly add cold water to the water they are in to acclimate the fish to the water temp they are going to be in.

      • Eric Wheaton says:

        My minnows died because of the chemicals in the water(not well water). This is not my first time acclimating minnows. Just my first time using town water. The chlorine levels are out of site. Imagine the amount of chemicals they would have to add to pipe it to Dimock. They would also have to add 3 pumping stations to circulate it. People do not realize how bad the town water is. We do not drink it.

  41. Don says:

    How can they be collecting royalties? I thought all drilling was stopped.
    There is no complete list of chemicals used….the site says there are hundreds of other chemicals used in the process that are not listed. What is listed is most common chemicals. No company has to date given a complete list. They claim trade secrets……..
    There is no way to do this without polluting something, so stop trying to defend taking money while destroying the enviornment. There is too much natural gas now anyway…you just are being greedy. Sorry if that hurts, but face the fact.

    • Tom says:

      There’s no way for you to drive your car, heat your home or even breathe without “polluting” something either. Perhaps you should start occupying reality.

  42. Debbie Swank says:

    I feel exactly the same way. Those people effected by this so called propogated disaster were made whole according to the law and according to the rules and regulations of D.E.P.
    We are in this 9 mile radius and it angers us to the core that they collected on their leases-they are getting their royalties monthly-and won a law susite for cash to boot. They stepped in ‘IT’ and they still smell like roses, while the rest of us sit and wait and pray that this blessing is going to spread itself around. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  43. SDV says:

    Wow, lots of diverging off topic while I searched and failed to see a reply to my honest question.

    “But I was asking about the DEP Notices of Violation. And Cabot has a recent Notice of Violation for the same problems, faulty casings and methane migration in Lenox Township , Susquehanna County. I do not understand what Dr. Robert Watson has to do with the DEP findings. Why did he do an independent review? Does he work for the DEP or for Cabot?
    Are we not to trust what PADEP says? Is this what you mean?”R

  44. Janice says:


    I have now posted this onto my Facebook page because there are so many people out of the area that ask me about the Cabot gas drilling. I am going to tell you some facts about when my in-laws built their house here in Dimock in the early 80’s. When they were ready to blast they were told then to make sure everyone was careful because of the gas pockets that we have. They were told then that Shell came into the area a few yrs before them building to try to extract the gases from underneath. It was then told to them to make sure they had a great well driller for their water because there were known families around here that used a driller (don’t know the company name) that wasn’t that good and didn’t always use the proper casing to help out with this water problem. This was back in the 80’s and they were also told at that time that there were homes that have it right on their deed of the bad water that’s associated with their homes and it turns out the 2 families that this person told my in-laws about live on Carter Road. There are documented deeds that say they had bad water (or whatever the statement says exactly). Those deeds need to come into some of this issue! This is my issue with people that decide not to get the full story. There were known facts that some people have had bad water from years ago and we were told before Cabot came in about people lighting water on fire and that was from a pond near by, so this is not Cabot’s fault BUT what Cabot (in my eyes as a business owner) has decided that because of drilling and fracking maybe they did stir things up more, so they have decided to help out to a certain point. They should not be held 100% liable for something that started years and years ago from NATURAL resources but they are willing to come to the table to HELP the solution, not bandaid it. The people on Carter road knew about their water situation and I was just down that road the other day looking at the water tanks outside some of their homes. Do I feel bad that these people have water issues, I sure do BUT I am also an intelligent adult that knows what has gone on from years ago and I also know that some people are money driven. I know a family on that road (I am not going to mention names) that got $375K just for signing the lease. That money had NOTHING to do with royalities that are being paid and has nothing to do with the settlement. Now if that were me and my family, I’d pick up and move. I think $375K is a great start to start over. Now, 1/2 of our land is in a producing well and the other 1/2 is part of a shut down well because of the “Carter Road” situation and I as a property owner I am not happy with the fact that people on Carter Road still get to receive royalities because of their situation BUT people of the shut down area do not. Now I am NOT a money hungry person and I do feel that 1 more penny from my land working and helping the USA instead of us always going overseas is a huge step in the right direction. Yes there has been a decrease in the gas money BUT natural gas is a commodity that is always changing. It’s just like the metal industry-things can change on a daily basis for the price of gas, metal or other commodities. The pipeline is supposed to help some of the production to increase things for everyone. People please remember there are ALWAYS pros and cons to everything we do-Cabot is a company of people and they are not GOD, they are people and people make mistakes. They are not on purpose-they are mistakes. We have had mistakes happen in our small business and we try to fix the problem to the best of our ability BUT one thing I can tell you is that if we were not the initial cause of the issue, we would only go so far to help fix it. It wouldn’t be our responsibility to fix it 100% and that’s where I believe Cabot stands. They were not the initial cause of the problem but looks likes they have decided that maybe they increased the problem and are taking the steps to help make things right. We as people like to hold 1 person or in this case 1 company as the 100% problem and it’s not the case. Yes we are a small community and this seems HUGE for us and we do as a community get together to try to help each other out and work thru things but there are also times when you have to step back because there are people that want and want more and shouldn’t be asking for more and more. Greed will not get you anywhere! I appreciate anyone that have decided to read my comments and I certainly appreciate the couple that first wrote this article. I was just recently thinking of writing to The Happenings about us up here in Dimock since so many people ONLY hear negativity about us and are so misinformed by the media! Take care everyone!

  45. tim says:

    All you are doing is destroying farmers lives and making them lose their farms because they count on the royalities. I lived in springville 29 years and the water in dimock has always been bad. If we cant count on ourselves to produce energy and we always count on other we count on other countries we are in bad shape.

  46. Janise
    Excellent post one of the best ! I have been saying from the beginning
    in order to get the present you have to understand the past.

    I am sure the oldtimers and town historian could help here.

    Thank you!

  47. GettheFacts says:

    GettheFacts permalink
    February 3, 2012
    Maybe we need to remember :

    The article says “Sautner said Cabot installed a treatment system in her home two years ago. She said she later disconnected it because it didn’t work.”

    “Homeowner Julie Sautner said she will get about $250,000.00 from Cabot in the settlement. She said the county tax assessor’s records say her home is valued at about $130,000.00 but that she recently got an independent assessment that valued it at around $190,000.00″

    “The agreement allows Cabot to stop delivering the potable water it has been providing to residents, whether or not a family agrees to the offer.”

    “People are desperate but not that desperate, Sautner said. Give up our lawsuit? I mean, we’ve been working on this for two years now. What are they crazy?”

    So, it isn’t about the water is it? No, it’s all about money!



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