Can You Call it a Rally if No One Shows Up?

Blame it on the heat.  Or, the start of the Olympics.  Or, the ill-timed Associated Press investigation revealing how top anti-gas activists routinely distort science.  Or, EPA’s decision to announce earlier that same week that Dimock’s water was, is and has always been safe to drink – demoralizing those who have dined-out on that talking point for years.

Whatever the reasons, Saturday’s anti-shale rally in Washington didn’t quite generate the volume of attendance and attention its organizers thought it would, and as a result, didn’t collect as many mentions in the press as they hoped it might. But neither the heat nor the hypocrisy kept EID away from the day’s proceedings – even as we struggled to understand why folks from areas where no shale development is taking place (New York) would travel to another city where no oil and gas development is taking place (Washington), to lobby for legislation that even the event’s organizers admit is going nowhere.

But hey, to be fair: some folks actually did show up to this thing, as the picture below makes clear. Writing in the Huffington Post today, a woman named Stefanie Penn Spear with a group called EcoWatch says the turnout exceeded 5,000 people. The police officers to whom I spoke at the event on Saturday put it closer to 1,500, and pictures like the one below suggest it could have even been smaller than that:

Does this look like 5,000 people to you? Apparently, to the Huffington Post, it does.

Phony attendance numbers aside, the other aspect of the day’s proceedings that could have definitely benefited from some independent fact-checking and verification was the speaker presentations themselves.

For starters, they all basically read off the same script, with two or three sentences reserved for a personal intro section, followed by a five-minute recitation of talking points that must have been scribbled in long before last week’s Associated Press article ran. How else to explain that at least half of the speakers at the podium cited that same discredited talking point about cancer rates in Texas that the the folks over at the Susan G. Komen Foundation debunked in that piece? These activists may be good at generating press, but from what I saw, it doesn’t appear that they’re any good at reading it.

Of course, given the background of those presenting, it wasn’t surprising that every single speaker failed to mention that hydraulic fracturing has been used since the 1940s, or that even the Environmental Protection Agency has, on at least a dozen occasions, confirmed that fracturing technology is safe and not responsible for any adverse impacts to groundwater. The presenters also failed to mention that regulators in over 15 U.S. States as well as the Groundwater Protection Council have all come to the same conclusion.

While facts and science were in short supply;  hyperbole, sensationalism and creativity certainly were not. The first speaker provided a bit of a treat for the audience with her rendition of this “little light of mine.”

This was followed by a sermon, of sorts, about hydraulic fracturing. Though it’s not entirely clear to us which church this fellow belongs to:

But actually, what was even more interesting than the performances on stage were the opinions of some attendees who seem to think that everyone who doesn’t share their worldview is conspiring against them.

One such attendee – Ray Kimble – is a water hauler from Dimock, Pa., who just happens to be engaged in a lawsuit against a natural gas producer in that region.  As mentioned earlier, the EPA recently joined the Pennsylvania DEP in declaring Dimock’s water is safe – once and for all. Like so many others in the audience, this attendee appears to refuse all objective assessments provided on the safety of hydraulic fracturing including those from the state and federal regulators who indicated after an extensive four year review that oil and natural gas development had no impacts on his water supply.

Climate change was another big theme at the event, with most speakers doing their best to ignore or minimize the fact that, thanks to natural gas, the United States is now leading the world – yes, leading it – in the annual percentage decrease in carbon dioxide. For this speaker below, that progress was not enough. For her, no energy is good energy unless it is delivered to us … from heaven:

With energy from heaven still eluding scientists, these activists relied on petroleum fueled vehicles to get them to and from Washington, D.C.


So, in the end, what was accomplished?   Boil it all down, and what you have is a smaller-than-advertised turnout for a rally against a technology that’s been in use since the Truman administration; led by people where no shale development exists; doing their best to deny the jobs, revenue and opportunity that shale development makes possible to people they’ve never met; all while ignoring the obvious environmental and security benefits that natural gas continues to bring online.

So, in other words: nothing much at all.



  1. Joanne Corey says:

    It isn’t true that there is no shale gas development in New York. There are vertical fracked shale wells in several different counties and the moratorium does not apply to vertical wells at all.

  2. observer says:

    you mean a redneck town outside of Duthica NY had more attendee’s (3000+) then the anti frackers ???1500??? who used more gas to go across the contry then we did to go down the road for our pro “Vote For Energy Rally” Wow I just have one question…

    Bill did you ask them to sit up front for a photo op ?

  3. maria says:

    I was there and there was a VERY GOOD TURNOUT FOR A 105 degree day in DC. This technology has NOT been around since the Truman Administration. Fracking with chemicals is new, as is horizontal fracking, also turning residential areas in the US into toxic industrial zones where spills and explosions are common and increasing traffic, pollution water contamination , dead or deformed livestock and the list goes on. OUr water supply is compromised as is our cropland and soil. THis is a very bad idea and the people have spoken. The truth about fracking is going to come out and the oil/gas industry is going to do its best to hide the facts and dispell the notion that this is dangerous to our environment. Enough damage has been done to the land and air and water and our time to develop technologies that do not damage the environment has come. IF we dont do it soon , we may never be able to recover. NO TO FRACKING ANYWHERE.

    • Tom Shepstone says:

      I notice you fail to offer any numbers, facts or other evidence to support any of your assertions.

      • Tom Frost says:

        Here’s a number for you: 80 attendees, based on my very careful counting, at the Montrose More-“Truth”-than-thou, no-videoing-of-panel-discussion-allowed, screening that your carpetbagging (and I see that now it’s spelling a Susquehanna Countian’s name wrong too) organization lied through its teeth to inflate to “over 125”.

        • Tom Shepstone says:

          You must be counting on one hand, Tom.

    • D Schwarz says:

      Well Maria, I think you just hit the nail on the head. No to fracking anywhere. Add to that no to coal, no to nuclear, no to oil, no to gas, well that just leaves us water, solar and wind for our energy. I think Maria should volunteer her land for windmill farms and solar panels along with enough land to cover 10 counties and maybe you would generate enough on a sunny windy day. You say no, but have no other answers that will work, or that will not drive our energy prices through the roof. No to you.

  4. Judy says:

    I guess you haven’t seen the real pics?? They are flying all over the Fractivist Network, although I guess you aren’t on those pages? I guess you can pick some of them up on the Gasland and other pages you learned to lurk on at your “social networking” seminars last year after our successful protest in Philly.
    I’d offer my pics to you but don’t want you anywhere near my personal links nor the FB pages I administer.
    Yes, I was there and yes, I also have this same pic as above……which was taken about 2 hours before the rally began AND before the 1.5 mile march (extending about 4-5 blocks long as it proceeded.)
    This article is nothing more than expected.
    Next time, bring more water and try to stay for the activities. See you in Philly for the next one!

    • Tom Shepstone says:

      We not only supplied a pic but reported what we were told by people who count crowds as part of their job. It was a miserable turnout by any count and there were six times as many people at the Cabot Picnic and three times as many at Vote4Energy Rally in upstate NY. You are only deceiving yourself, Judy.

  5. I’d double-check your remark on the EPA and Dimock. According to the report a portion of the families in Dimock have contaminants in their water… such as: arsenic, methane, etc. Although, the way EPA worded the report it reads that the water is safe to drink “if” the proper filtration systems are installed to cancel out the unsafe levels of contaminants present in the water supply.

    Given this is part of your opening statement and it seems you’re trying to rely on truth “not one time snap-shots of photos or reports” I thought this should be brought to light.


    • JD Krohn says:

      Well J.B. this is clear you don’t understand water quality, or choose to ignore basic scientific facts. Water contains contaminants, especially natural elements. Regardless of the presence of natural gas development. In this case, PA DEP and US EPA have both indicated there are no issues with Dimock’s water- that it is safe and warrants no further attention. In fact, no tests show any water in Dimock, anywhere exceeding a single EPA or DEP maximum contaminant level (used to determine if drinking water is safe for consumption). For more information visit this post which takes you to all testing results.

  6. Nancy says:

    I also attended the rally, and your story is very inaccurate. First, Judy is right, those pictures were taken before the rally even began. There was an interdenominational service before in which people of many faiths attended. How dare you call into question or insult the religious beliefs of others! Are you anti-semetic? The man with the prayer shawl is obviously Jewish. Second, your picture of the rally conveniently crops out the many trees to the right, where hundreds and hundreds of people sought relief in the shade from the blistering heat. There were well OVER 5000 people in attendance. Streets had to be blocked off and those cars stuck at intersections had a very LONG wait, most turning off their engines and standing outside their cars as the march extended for 5 city blocks. Third, everyone I met there lives in the Marcellus region and most had been affected in one way or another. Those in attendance know the truth, and the gas industry is panicking, as knowledge of the scientific evidence and COMMON SENSE are finally beginning to spread across our great nation. So, keep on bullying JD, when someone doesn’t have much of a leg to stand on that’s usually what they are forced to rely on.

    • JD Krohn says:

      Streets are always blocked off in D.C. for events. That is hardly an accurate estimate of crowd size. Also, this estimate comes from the metropolitan police on site. Last I checked they don’t have a pro or anti shale agenda. They just want to keep citizens safe. As for the sermons we have shown. I think the video makes it pretty clear what this gentleman is saying has no religious bearing whatsoever.

      • Liz R. says:

        Hey Krohn, I hear you asked a cop who was standing there what she thought. File this crowd estimate under “that’s what she said.” At least we don’t have to pay people to show up.

        But thanks for the link to Spear’s HuffPo piece! I’ve been looking for honest coverage. Liz R.,

        • Tom Shepstone says:

          HuffPo – now there’s a credible source!

        • JD Krohn says:

          Hey R, so now we can’t trust the word of sworn law enforcement officers? Or perhaps its that we are supposed to take your word over theirs. Either way I fail to see the logic here.

          • Fred Peckham says:

            The DC police must be on the take!!!lol

  7. marcia says:

    sigh, you once again distort the facts. There were 5,000 people at the rally. Unlike your industry funded “Gas”roots site, we are all volunteers and do not have the money to buy air time or politicians. Were you even there? I doubt it. Careful selection of crowd shots 1-2 hours before the rally started, and close-ups do not give an accurate picture. Just as your infomercial “Truthless Land” was carefully staged and scripted so is your “reporting” of the rally. And speaking of Truthless Land, for an infomercial about gas drilling – why weren’t there any scenes at a gas well?

    • JD Krohn says:

      You and the Huffington Post saying there were 5,000 attendees does not make it so. I was there but thanks for forming your own opinions without any other consultation. Says a lot. One more time, the 1,500 estimate comes from the DC police who have no pro or anti shale agenda.

  8. John says:

    Actually that picture was taken during the middle of the rally when the “religious” ceremonies were being presented. You can tell as one of the speakers is on the stage. Also, as Tom mentioned 1,500 is a police estimate and a generous one according to the police who escorted the group. The only estimate of 5,000 is one printed in the Huffington Post and supported only by the incorrect assertion of activists. Finally, independent reporters have said that there were only a few hundred activists outside API. Also, 4-5 blocks on a downtown street isn’t exactly a significant accomplishment for an event that was supposed to draw folks from across the nation. More examples, of ignoring the truth simply because it doesn’t fit with the events activists want them to be seen. As Tom said, more folks showed up for the Cabot picnic.

    • Robert F. says:

      Wow. IED has entered into the eye rolling and attacking peoples faiths category.

      Good job guys! Good luck with that!

      • Tom Shepstone says:

        Exactly what is that faith? Care to explain?

  9. You should choose to look at the EPA’s actual test results, — yellow spots are in excession of the MCL. Arsenic, for instance, at five to six times it’s MCL. Not preent in baseline data.

    Ummm…. We’re mostly talking about natural contaminants when we’re looking at water test results in relation to drilling: barium, strontium, arsenic, methane, manganese, radon, benzen, BTEX, iron, etc. For instance, I can walk into a case with only a couple of those exceeding the MCL and the gas companies are scrambling… Even when there’s no predrill test. Those are all naturally occurring contaminants that appear for some after drilling.

    Here’s a couple more links to help clear your confusion about what the EPA actually found in wells, and again a quote pointing to the need for filters to remove present contaminants:;COG&ticker=COG:US

    • Tom Shepstone says:

      Apparently, the dearth of “yellow” in that report missed your attention.

  10. Alma Hasse says:

    JD, you might want to do more homework BEFORE you go off spouting “facts”.

    I’ve been on the phone with DC police this morning. I was told, in no uncertain terms by Officer Holley, DC police Public Information Office (202) 727-4383, that the DC police NEVER, EVER give out crowd estimates. This would appear to fly in the face of your statement, “The police officers to whom I spoke at the event on Saturday put it closer to 1,500” What are their names? What division/department do they belong to? Where are their phone numbers, badge numbers?

    I can tell you that there were four of us from Idaho (who all flew out at our own personal expense). We met folks from across the country. I can also tell you that I meet weekly with a business group of approximately 45 – 50 people (the numbers vary slightly from week to week), and I know exactly how much space we take up when we are standing and mingling before our meeting!

    In my opinion the estimate of 5,000 is low. It is obvious that you have purposely tried to misrepresent the volume of people. Of course this isn’t terribly surprising given your industry’s penchant for “exaggerating”. All one has to do is look at the industry funded “Truthland” to know what sort of depths you’ll sink to in order to distort the facts.

    Having said that, next time at least TRY to do a bit more research before you go out broadcasting fallacies.

    • Tom Shepstone says:

      Are you kidding? The crowd numbers are routinely reported on all on numerous events, whether official or not. How about your source?

      • Alma Hasse says:

        NIMBY elists? You’ve got to be kidding me! Go stand by one of those compressor stations and take some more deep breaths!

        My husband and I are farmers and business owners. I also find it highly interesting that most of the pro-industry people “commenting” here are NOT using their real names– what are they hiding?

        We KNOW that industry routinely distorts the truth, this was proven ONCE AGAIN just last week when the Public Accountability Initiative released this report, “Contaminated Inquiry
        How a University of Texas Fracking Study Led by a Gas Industry Insider Spun the Facts and Misled the Public”

        I JD and Tom, I hope you don’t have children, becuase if you do, you’re certainly not providing a very good example for them!

        • Vic Furman says:

          Again with the children… you people are amazing

    • JD Krohn says:

      Do you even live in Washington Alma? How do you know the Metropolitan Police NEVER, EVER give out estimates? You don’t, because they do. Officer Virgil Shoop is one of the six police officers on scene, not behind a desk days later, I spoke to who all confirmed this estimate.

  11. Audrey Gozdiskowski says:

    Folks were spread out, many sitting in the shade since it was in the 90’s. The picture doesn’t portray the full attendance. There were at least 4,000 people if you counted ALL areas of the West Lawn. Not everyone participated in the march due to the extreme “naturally occurring”heat. Many had to drop out before reaching API. It was wonderful to meet people from all over the US , Canada and Australis but sad to hear their real stories of how they and their families have been impacted by “naturally occurring” fracking! Maybe if we had the $$$ that the oil and gas industry has to buy politicians and the media we would have received appropriate coverage of the event!

    • Tom Shepstone says:

      The truth is apparent in the pitiful news coverage. There was little to report. You got your best coverage from our man John.

  12. Dory says:

    nice photoshopping of pics, did you learn how to do it while editing Truthlessland infomercial?

    He (Terry Engelder) points to a Philadelphia Inquirer Op-Ed piece he wrote last year taking Cabot Oil & Gas Corp. to task — as well as environmentalists and academics — for statements regarding alleged gas migration into water wells in Dimock, Pa., for which homeowners blamed the company.

    “Cabot’s denials of culpability seem disingenuous,” the piece said, “given that other industry leaders have recognized the issue and are working with Penn State to address it.”.

    • Tom Shepstone says:

      No photoshopping, Dory. That’s your game. Oh, no, wait … it was substituting that Pakistani drill picture for an example of flooded rigs in the Northeast.

  13. Lisa Longo says:

    As one of the many who was in DC last week I can assure you the first picuture you showed was taken while we were setting up and not at 2pm when the rally started, the estimate of 5,000 is most likely lower than the true number, plus add the impact of the many hundreds of tourists I myself spoke to and gave info to, and asked that they call their congressperson to ask that the FRAC Act be passed.

    I guess I should not be surprised that an industry that lies about safety would lie about a protest, but it does speak to the weakness of the industry position.

    We will insist Congress pass the FRAC Act, there is no reason for oil & gas to have an exemption from regulation, this industry has leaks, accidents, explosions and incidents every year, on what basis does this deserve exemption? When the former CEO of the company that invented the technology inserts it into legislation, yes, thank you Dick Cheney for the Halliburton Loophole.

    This is not a liberal or conservative idea, it is common sense.

    And I am happy to post the pictures of the real rally, which show the crowd and will make it clear that we were in DC, we are paying attention, and we will not allow the industry to make light of our concerns.

    If hydraulic fracturing is so safe, why does it need to be exempt from Safe Drinking Water, Clean Water & Clean Air Acts?

    • Tom Shepstone says:

      The industry IS regulated and always has been by the states. There’s no “loophole.” And, what is your source for your crowd number? Regardless, the Cabot picnic this year got 6,000 – how about that!

    • JD Krohn says:

      You were in DC and you don’t even know what happened at the rally? What exactly were you doing there? It’s clear this was not during setup as there is an individual speaking on the stage. This was taken more than halfway through the “religious ceremony” which was about 3:00 p.m.

      • Jon says:

        The “religious ceremony” was at 1:30 pm not 3pm. You can find it on the schedule here: maybe you should try fact checking your information.

        Also you state that this technology has been around since the 1940’s, this is a difference between that process and the current process called slickwater hydraulic fracturing, you are either deliberatly trying to mislead readers here or don’t know what you are talking about.

        @Tom – The “Haliburton Loophole” exempts the entire industry from the Safe Drinking Water Act- you can find it the the Energy Policy Act of 2005

        • Tom Shepstone says:

          The shale gas industry is heavily regulated by the states, always has been and was never subject to the SWDA. There is no Halliburton Loophole.

        • JD Krohn says:

          Clearly the sun must have bothered you. That’s when they began. Perhaps you don’t recall the event running well over allotted time and not leaving for the “march” until well after scheduled.

  14. Marcia cracks me up….

    I saw some of the video of the chanting protestors marching down the street. There was something familiar about it. Oh what could it be?

    Occupy much, Marcia?

    “Todd Stefansky, an Occupier from Manhattan, was among the anti-fracking protestors who walked from the west lawn of the Capitol building to Franklin Square.

    They just pulled up a bus at Zuccotti [Park] this morning and I got on, it’s crazy,” said Stefansky.”

    1500 protestor with 1/4 of them hailing from various occupy movements. Try to spin it all you want, but this was a colossal failure.

  15. Alma Hasse says:

    So JD, are you so busy trying to find somebody, ANYBODY to back up your ridiculous numbers that you can’t post the comments you have received this morning– including my earlier comment?

    Typical! What’s that? You can’t handle the truth? No kidding!

    • JD Krohn says:

      No Alma, that’s not the case at all although I liked the conversation you had with yourself on our comments page.

  16. It doesn’t much matter whether there were 500, 1500, or 5000 there. Rallies are people preaching to the converted and just political theater. We all know there are fractivists out there, we can read the polls. For some reason, activists need to physically see others of the same persuasion and can’t just rely on the data. But, when a touted rally fails to turn up those people who love rallies, that’s worthy of note. It is a facet of centerists that they don’t much like activism or rallies and so don’t much use this device. Public officials should realize this when they see a “demonstration,” it doesn’t show anything they don’t already know.

  17. Audrey Gozdiskowski says:

    Oh, and regarding your comment about the AP article discrediting the breast cancer rates in the Barnett. . . CDC does state the counties (which are in the Barnett) that have an increased cancer rate. They, however, blame it on not having access to screenings. Lack of screenings does not CAUSE any kind of cancer!! The info here will direct you to the CDC info and more:

    • Tom Shepstone says:
      • Audrey Gozdiskowski says:

        I already read it and suggest you read the link I provided again. I wouldn’t trust any info coming from a foundation or anyone else in O&G Texas! I guess the CDC is lying. . .but I doubt it very much. Please tell me their motive for doing so. But the Texas based folks have many. . .

        • Fred Peckham says:

          TXSharon, isn’t she the same person who obtained information about Park County, TX from the EPA region 6 administrator, the same guy who said he would crucify the gas companie, before he even gave it to his own agency so she could run with it, turned out to be bogus. I would think theres a lack of credibility on her part and hence yours as well.

  18. observer says:

    Who cares if 5,000 people or 500 were there the fact remains that even the number 5000 doesn’t represent more then 0.00000001 percent of the population of the combined states that are hydro fracturing gas and oil wells. You Fractivist can do the math yourselves your stance against drilling is becomming more and more a joke every day as all your points of arguments are being debunked by the facts and science even from your own experts.

  19. Tommy Long says:

    Fuzzy activist math again, I wonder where I could take a class on it. Let me try and do my own: 40 +50 = 500. Oh wait I forgot the extra zero, which makes it 5000. Wow, I think I figured out how many people actually came to this thing!

    All kidding aside, I particularly like the gentleman from Susquehanna, Pa. If I remember correctly, he was one of the many praising the EPA for coming to test his water only to turn around and call them liars when over $100,000 of tax payer money was used to prove his water is clean. Now he is bitching that his lawyers are selling him out to get paid why so many people are worried about the low numbers of individuals coming out to events and not about those who claim to have water and when they do not get their way, they point fingers and cry foul play.

    Wake up America! Clean natural gas for all!!!!!!

  20. Last September 2011 a rally was held in Dimock to protest Natural Gas development by using the center of attention THE BROWN JUG! They called it” Save Dimocks water Rally”.
    Fifteen people showed up? Not a word of mouth event, but a heavy ad campaign.
    The funding streamed through NYRAD.
    A closer look , The People that showed 15, of the 15 that showed only 8 were from the STATE of PA.
    Closer look , zoon in: Of those 8 from PA 4 were from Dimock ,
    Closer look zoom in more: Of those 4 , 3 were litigants suing Cabot .
    You might say. If a town has a serious issue especially one of “POISON” water the people will ban together to help one another, and I hope they would.

    Just miles away from the Save Dimocks’ Water Rally” drawing from the same crowd another rally was held, but they called it a family day.
    Two months before the “Save Dimock Water rally” 2011 the “evil” industry Cabot drew a mostly local crowd of over 5000 people!

    Again in 2012 Cabot has a rally same place this time the crowd exceeds 7000.
    A week later the EPA announces its final statement on Dimocks water area wide testing.

    The people lack of showing could have spoke for the EPA finding. But every stone needed to be turned and should be.

    As I stated prior, Real problems bring real people in mass! If there was a real problem in Dimock the numbers would have been reversed of the rallies, free food or not.

    Even at 10,000 people in DC you wouldn’t have made a difference. You had no support from any political party. Not even actors?. Even the media that profits big from you gave you weak coverage.

    You have no real numbers and here is why.
    Your group or following from its start has relied on hear say rumor that continues to get debunked. Like any Lie ,if moves faster than light and the truth needs research and that takes time.When people have hear say and agenda driven false documents and the information hits the exstreme of Y2k and daily UFO sighting s with no photos that are real like your PA frack deer, they feel used.

    Your used audience didn’t show.

    As young children we were all read “chicken little”.
    Four groups of understanding emerged.
    1) Some paid attention and got it!
    2)Some didn’t get it quite yet.
    3)Yet others were sick and found out the morel of the story from a friend of family member.
    4) Others were at the therapist that day .

    Every business and industry including the buildings and housing they operate within government funded or not. They all have an impact on air,water and soil.
    What industry or business will you be destroying next on your tour to eliminate free enterprise.
    The free enterprise that supported your existence .

    • Tom Frost says:

      Thank you for illustrating just one more example of why the antis’ estimate of the size of their Washington, D.C. event this past weekend is the one that I’m going to believe despite my not having been there. As one who WAS at the Dimock event last September of which you speak, I already know that it’s not even news anymore that EID and its buddies like to lie through their teeth about attendee numbers.

    • Alma Hasse says:

      Free enterprise? Are you THAT ignorant? What do you call those BILLIONS in subsidies that the oil and gas companies receive? FREE enterprise? Capitalism? Crony capitalism perhaps!

      As a small business owner and farmer I am greatly offended every time I near someone espousing this garbage. Your industry is about the furthest AWAY from the free enterprise zone that exists!

      ALL of your “externalities” are paid for and balanced on the backs of hardworking Americans. Just look at the Enbridge spill a couple of years ago. Yes, industry paid a few million, BUT THE TRUE COST OF THE CLEAN UP WAS WELL IN EXCESS OF 800 MILLION! Who do you think is picking up the bulk of those clean up costs? Yep, US, the American taxpayers!

      To add insult to injury, they just had ANOTHER spill– you’d think they would have learned SOMETHING after their “keystone” cop approach to their pipeline maintenance and safety.

      What about Pavillion, WY? Who’s paying for those cisterns? Yep, WY TAXPAYERS! Who’s going to have to pay for the water to fill those monstrosities up? Right again, the affected ranch and homeowners. Now I dare you to point out to me EXACTLY WHERE in the Capitalism for Dummies book these kinds of costs being passed onto OTHERS is called “free market”.

      There’s no excuse for this repeated reference to FM OR Capitalism– you don’t have to have your PhD in Ecomomics to know these basic facts. And I’m not even beginning to talk about the methane migration, health impacts, road damage, loss of livestock and wildlife, loss of recreational waters and aquatic life/fishing, loss of farm ground, loss of water that is forever removed from the hydrologic cycle, impacts to clean air, the list goes on and on. ALL of these are externalities that your industry NEVER pays for!

      Once you actually start accepting responsibility and are made accountable for ALL of your externalities AND foot the bill for them, perhaps then we can have the “free market” conversation. Until then you’re about as full of hot air as all of the global politicians combined!

      • Hmmm Why is it when I see or hear the comment “money off of someones back” I think of Socialist?

  21. Bill Ferullo says:

    OH here’s some photo’s of showing the real count !!!! you people lie about everything don’t you

  22. Eric Boardman says:

    Ok folks, here is the truth. There are real problems with the entire industry. I was not able to attend the DC rally, however, I did attend a Columbus rally that had in excess of one thousand people. Saw a vidio on you tube produced by EID and they showed only two people. It all comes down to accountability. There is none. It may take 100 of years for some of the most serious problems to arise. When there is a dispute, the burden of proof always falls on the home owner. Then when the gas industry does acknowledge a problem, It’s always with a gag order included. Fines are way too low to discourage some practices. When you include the tens of millions of gallons of diesel fuel needed and methane escaping from wells, natural gas is really no cleaner than coal. If this were so great, why have they had to spend 100’s of millions in political campaine donations just to overcome a few environmentalists? I will say this, in the past, EID has not allowed my postings to appear. It looks like they are posting more postings from people who are against fracking. It’s a step in the right direction.

  23. Heather Vahila says:

    I attended the rally in DC and it surpassed the count I had planned, those pictures in no way show the amount of people there…due to the massive solar spill that day the trees along the sides were crowded with fracktivists. I usually don’t spend quality air on commenting on paid industry pawns but why were you there in the first place? you seem to follow us very closely, why? We are certainly entitled to believe and fight for a better/cleaner/fossil free future…whats the problem?

  24. Hi El says:

    Hrmm…. This picture shows a pretty significant number of people:

  25. PaRoughneck says:

    5000 people at the rally? Of course they all have e-mail addresses and had contact over the various social networking sites yet less than a couple dozen can answer the call to post here and say they were there?
    I know that had I spent the time and expense to travel to DC for a cause I believed in and found the opposition questioning the attendance numbers, a simple post here on EID to say ‘I WAS THERE’ would be a rather minimal action to perform ‘for the cause’.
    Where are the 5000 comments?

  26. Kim Feil says:

    Here is a video of march and count them for yourselves…oh thats right you did take a picture of the bus that probably held those that cannot walk too long and have health effects probably from drinking bad water from fracking! BTW if we had a CHOICE of fuels for that bus do you think we’d choose petroleum….big gas and oil are afraid that other solutions are becoming more affordable…its just a matter of time isn’t it? Low hanging fossil fuels are extinct ha ha ha h ha ha ha!!!!

    • Observer says:

      Thankyou for posting this video and showing the true and most accurate account of people in the march. A picture does not lie right, let alone a video. Before I tell you how many I counted let me tell you how I counted. I used the buildings as a marker, I counted people across the line and then counted the people from one end to the other of the building they were in front of. I advanced the frames one at a time getting what I feel is a very accurate count +- 100. This took me three hours and 4 counts and I have come to the conclusion that there are only 634 people marching. The camera can be used two ways, to make it seem like a small crowd is large or to do as I did, count the heads on the film. My counts
      1) 571
      2592 / by 4 counts = 634 average

    • Ok called in the ref!
      As hard as it was, I counted the march. Thanks for the video. I even counted the side walk marchers. The video was great pause, forward count. repeat. The average line was about 17 people wide. You almost broke 1700. But lets call it 2700, not bad! If it was a small town march!
      But it wasn’t…… Thanks for showing up! Maybe now our government will understand its a few making all this noise.

  27. amy says:

    Thank you Kim, Hi El and everyone else who subjected themselves to this article and responded with what the day was really like. Reading this was like making myself watch fox news. Most of us would rather focus on the truth and try to make progress than to argue. But then there is accountability. Ever hear of it?

  28. Judy says:

    @ PA Roughneck….I didn’t realize this lame piece was a “call” to comment or defend the attendance figures. As you surely know, most Fracktivists don’t waste time on EID, as it takes time away from our “real” Networking.

    Most who were there will not take their time and feel the need to talk to a brick wall, as I (and some others) have. You see, I’m retired so have lots of time to play in here. Most others balance their time working, taking care of family and “volunteering” to educate others on the realities of Fracking and its effects on lives, health, water supply, environment, and of course property values….Ooops..Almost forgot the political
    corruption, money and power play connections/exchanges……..and so much more!

    Having been at the Rally and feeling the power and energy of thousands of others who came from all over the country, I did feel the need to comment and quite honestly, don’t know why I did and even continue to do so?? I think I just find EID amusing and thank you for the chuckles.

    Thanks for confirming the true purpose of this false write up. Thanks for reminding us all that the lies written here are merely published in an “attempt” to rile, aggravate, and cause a reaction, in order to distract from the networking of accurate info. which you know is in the Fracktivist forefront 24/7. I’ll be sure to let others know you are looking for hits on here. Wondering…..Do you get a prize when the numbers of comments rise?? Just curious…

    To expect or even challenge ALL who were in DC for the “Stop the Frack Attack Rally” to waste their important time here instead of focusing on the ultimate task of educating others as they continue to disseminate REAL information and event happenings is as unrealistic as your numbers.

    BTW..Just posted a great “DC March” video last night and do hope you get to see it as it shows the attendance is well beyong the numbers a single policeman gave you. (Still trying to figure out how a policeman could have walked that entire lawn area and counted heads or even kept count of those entering the area from all directions. No way possible. I do believe safety was their purpose for being there, not counting heads.)

    The video I posed last night was done by one of our Ohio Fracktivists, which I’d love to post here as a counter to your false number claims. Check it out while you are trolling along on the Gasland page. Pictures speak so much louder than false numbers posted in an EID article. (I purposely posted it there for all of the EID folks to take a peek after I shared it on our main networking pages. I do think of EID as I post to that particular page, as I know you have been paid to TROLL that spot, for sure, AND because I have been blocked from posting to your FB page…..Ah yes, one of my “Badges of Honor”! HA! In fact, I’ll go post it again now as I’m sure it’s buried at the bottom of the page after a full morning of postings by others. I’ll even put a title on it to let you know it’s being posted just for you!

    • Tom Shepstone says:

      Wow, Judy, that’s a pile of words you wasted on us, considering you don’t want to waste time on us and don’t take us seriously. I guess your comments to people you actually like must be fractivist verisons of”Life of Johnson.” Ever read it? There’s a lot of wisdom in it, but after 1,500 pages, it tends to get tiresome. Know what I mean?

  29. Tim Ruggiero says:

    EID has credibility with only those it serves. They are an Industry funded propaganda machine, and if it weren’t for people like me, and the thousands more like me, EID wouldn’t exist. Showing one single picture-a snapshot in time of the front of the stage does not prove anything other than what you see in the picture. I was there, but unlike EID’s ‘secret agents’ I was walking around all day talking to the many hundreds of people that were not directly in front of the stage. In spite of the high heat and the horrible humidity, there were thousands in attendance TOTAL throughout the day and the march to one of the Big Gas Mafia’s HQ. Sorry I didn’t take a head count for you, but even if I did, EID would distort the truth because that’s what they do.

    You folks over at the Fib Factory can’t have it both ways. You can’t have Aubrey McClendon and T Boone Pickens and Matt Pitzarella and Julie Wilson, et al., running around explaining with glee about this ‘new technology that allows the drillers to get to the gas formations’ and then say in the same breath that that technology has been around since the 40’s.

    If natural gas development is so safe, why the constant justification? Why the constant billboards, TV commercials and newspaper ads? Any other ads tell us about the product being sold. Industry isn’t advertisement it’s product, it’s justifying it’s existence. The ads from ANGA tell us it’s about ‘job creation’. Exxon’s Senior Engineer Artis Brown tells us that the Keystone XL will create a HALF MILLION jobs. Wow, that’s an impressive figure. Too bad the Labor Dept and the Industry on the receiving side of the Tar Sands oil in Houston have a much, much lower number. You Industry guys really should chat with each other first to at least get your stories straight.

    Which reminds me. One of Industry’s biggest promoters here in Texas has stated (in writing!) that natural gas development actually creates more fresh water than it uses. Who knew? Any of you fracking fanatics care to explain this obvious scientific phenomenon? This is such wonderful news, I can’t wait to hear all about how it works.

    What’s really crazy is that I’m a life long Conservative, been carrying my Republican Party card around with me for decades. I sued to be part of the Drill Here, Drill Now crowd until Industry showed up uninvited in my backyard and destroyed it. Having run over me wasn’t good enough, they had to then make sure I was threatened with legal action if I dare interfered, and then pointed out to the free world that I was stupid for buying a home on the gas patch, so I deserved what I got.

    If only. If only you guys had gone about this is a slightly different way. If you had simply shown me some basic respect, at least discussed with me what the plan was, and what you were going to do to make up for the land loss and the damage. If only you had followed the rules. If only you didn’t lie about the many multi-thousand gallon leaks of toxic waste. If only you didn’t contaminate my water. If only you decided that it truly wasn’t necessary to park a diesel powered rig right next to my home. If only your workers didn’t ‘flip me the bird’ every time I went down my own driveway, or complain about my ‘violating their privacy’ by videotaping them. If only someone would have explained to the workers what the porta potties were for instead of just urinating right off the platform. If only you didn’t continually violate the law and cover it up with dirt and gravel your gross acts of negligence. If only you didn’t power wash the tanks and vacuum out all of the standing fracking fluids from the tank battery the day before the EPA visit. See, the problem is, once you lie, there’s no way for me to know or expect when you’ll tell the truth.

    So, if only you had done the right thing and the honorable thing, you would have kept me on your side. Instead, you decided you like money a whole lot more than anything else. It’s unfortunate, because now you have me as an enemy for life. I will fight you and fight you and I will never give in.

  30. Debbie Royalty says:

    Wow Mr. Shepstone, you sound like a guy who is very angry. I am really sorry if you feel like ensuring all of our children are not drinking poisoned water is taking money out of your pocket, but it is not all about you. Those of us fighting for the future are NOT taking jobs and revenue away from anyone! There are enough jobs and revenue in renewable non-poisonous energy industries. Try it, you’ll like it!

    • Tom Shepstone says:

      You mean Solyndra, I assume?

  31. Tom Shepstone says:

    And, just who is “KeepTapWaterSafe”? Let me guess, a trustfunder trying to assuage his guilt or another front group for the wealthy NIMBY elitists who got theirs and want to be sure ordinary people don’t.

  32. Liz R. says:

    My name is Liz Rosenbaum, which you can find in the About section on my blog, I don’t have guilt. I’m merely a woman who wants a clean, sane energy future for her children. Not sure why you want to make this personal. I would ask, who are you? but I’m familiar enough with Google.

  33. Tom Frost says:

    Sounds to me like another one of pages that you see fit to CENSOR, and that alone was reason enough for me to look it up just now and join it. Thanks for the info about the existence of it.

  34. OUCH! I felt that one here in Florida! I do not think anyone has every nailed it that hard Tom. You just made a therapist happy! Thats gonna cost about two months of great grand pappy dividends!

  35. Tom Shepstone says:

    Al;ways pleased to be of service to a loyal reader, Tom!


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