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Ohio’s on a comeback and the energy industry is creating good jobs and rejuvenating the local economy. Find out what jobs you may be qualified for in our Job Info section. Search our job news section and find out what the press and people are saying about Ohio’s economic revitalization. Read articles highlighting recent job growth in the state. Do you want good pay for an honest day’s work? No matter what your skill level is, the energy industry needs you. Click on the Job Search button and start your career in Ohio’s energy industry.

 Utica Shale Makes More Jobs Available to Ohioans
 #Shale Benefits: Revenue Up, Unemployment Down
 Ohio’s Future Powered by Ohio Energy – US Senator Rob Portman
Shelly DePue, star of the film “Truthland,” interviewed two folks working at a U.S. Steel mill in Lorain, Ohio. There are plenty of good jobs in the energy industry, from natural gas companies to industry vendors like local steel suppliers and trucking companies. It’s time to bring Ohio back, one job at a time.


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